confessions [of an artist].part.5

Hello friends.  It's the eve of a big craft show weekend for me here.
I feel like a bunny at the greyhound track.
Like a child at Christmas Eve.
Like a director on rehearsal night.
The anticipation. The excitement. The forgetting to breathe!
 I thought I'd share one more sneak peek at some of the newest additions to my craft table.
I love doing fabric hoops.  Usually I'm stenciling birds.deer.owls onto fun fabrics.
I wanted to incorporate some woodland landscapes this time.... and I love these ones!

As I survey my mounds of creations all around me here tonight... I realise that once again I have pounded out a crazy variety of stuff.  Call me A.D.H.D or spastic... but I just can't stay stuck on one project for long, I tend to bounce all over the place experimenting with new ideas.  The fear is I'll have my table so bogged down with this cacophony of creativity that you won't be able to SEE anything!

Phew.  Yes, friends, I have pulled out the stops for this show.  I really hope you can make it.  I adore every piece I've crafted this time... to the point that I feel a mother-bond to them.  So if you go to buy something don't be surprised if you have to pry it out of my pudgy fingers! 

But seriously, we the crafters would love you to buy local. support local artisans.  You can also pat yourself on the back for getting at your Christmas shopping! 

Back to painting my "Needle and Nest" sign,
sleepless mama,
Mel :o)


  1. i hope it all goes so well for you!!  i've given up on doing craft fairs-- they are SO MUCH WORK!!  good for you!!  i wish you the best-- i don't think you'll bring anything back home with you...all your creations are too sweet!  good thing i live too far away:)!  i think we'd have no muno left!:)LOL...i just love those hoops!  *sigh* 

    be safe and have fun...and hope you get some relaxing in at some point!!:)  xoxo

  2. i'm so glad i'm not alone in this A.D.D crafting world!  i absolutely adore these little landscapes!  i wish i could come browse this fair! have a great day sista(h) mel!
    <3 suz

  3. I super stoked for it - but you're right - its a ton of work in that last minutes of prep!  You're sweet... I still wish you lived closer tho! ;o)  After the dust settles I will be getting back to that 'project' por vu! xoxo

  4. heh, thanks Sista - wish you could be here too!  But you're one busy lady as it is I hear... lol. xo

  5. Wow, those are stunning! You are so, so talented! I can't wait to hear about the craft show!


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