slide.show.sunday.take 13

Hello friends - we're home.safe.sound.and stinky!
Our weekend camping at Presqui'le was.... exciting/exhausting...  here's the 'slide.show.sunday' to prove it.
Daughter Azriel is all packed and waiting to go... and this is what two mama's pack a car like to go away for the weekend!  Sheesh!  Y'all remember handsome lil' Reggie I'm sure. :o)
Our husbands were joining in Saturday evening... but we headed up Friday. 

Saturday morning... we're still smiles... and bundled up against the cool morning dew.

Here's 'base camp' for 30+ folks from our church.  13 adults and 16 young.crazy.active kids... I think every parent had a twitch or wandering eye as we all wondered where our kid had disappeared to, who's was screaming, which was teetering over to the fire pit.. or trying to eat a rock...

To break away from the 'wild'.. we went to the beach... Lake Ontario style.

Azriel was in her element.. dirt... sand... she clearly can't get enough of it.

Ok, back to the camp site.  Now I'm not dumb enough to camp right under the falling apple(s) tree... but we were next to it.  Our tent was the size of a broom closet.. and just fit an air mattress (that was clearly set to "deflate" half way through each night).

Constellations of apples.crickets.stars.marshmallows.and hornets.filled the camp.
I'm not going to lie, camping with a toddler is a bit nuts.  I was pretty pooched by Saturday evening when my husband Ben finally arrived... and boy I was eager and waiting for him to show - like a fat kid for the ice cream truck!  I hated being away from him... and I loved seeing him rush up and swing his giggling daughter around (and yah, we'll pretend he could lift me and do the same thing!). :o)
It's good to be home as a family again, too.
Good to have a hot.bubbly.soak.
Good to have a soft bed that doesn't deflate.
Good to love, and be loved. 

Hoping your weekend was a good one too,
see you on the flip side friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. Yay for camping!  We did two big camping trips this summer, once with two families from our church (6 adults, 6 kids under 6 and a newborn), and again with my parents' church  (36+ people, mostly adults with a few kids 8 yrs old or older, besides our kids).  The first was an adventure, good and crazy times were had . . .the second was a vacation.  I actually read a whole book!  Thankful for young families and grown up families!

  2. Twas fun, but it's nice to be home too :)


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