my baby.fruit basket.4.

Today was quite the hilarious experience friends.  We went to get our 'almost 5 months now' ultrasound.  Ben and I sat in the quiet waiting room with other expectant mothers... and then Ben started to rummage.crumple.crinkle into the bag of chips he brought - well I got a case of the giggles from his loud munching - and the pressure to not giggle in a quiet room.
Then we got in to the ultrasound room and I was giggling more - which made the Dr's gadget bounce around on my jiggling baby gut!  Fun times.
I also guessed the gender as I watched the screen - and that's wild too!  I'll let you good folks know soon enough, don't worry. :o)
And did I mention that my baby fat has now officially popped out over night?  I suddenly am 'seriously showing'.

An exciting.funny.enlightening day had at this nest.
baby mama,
Mel :o) 

P.S. to follow my baby's progress down the produce aisle you can catch up here.

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  1. oh the suspense is killing me!!!!  glad all is well with the tomato! 


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