Greetings friends!
I'm realizing I should probably start calling this post "slide.show.SOMEDAY"... since my packed weekends keep me from actually posting till today.. oops.
Yes, this past weekend was an artsy.fartsy.family packed affair.
Buckle up, here we go.

Here we are Saturday morning... all smiles (sort of) for our adventure.

We fueled up on coffee.donuts and a map to our favourite artist's studio tour (more to come tomorrow on said artist!).

 It was also a nice grey.rainy morning to get 'lost' in the countryside.  Like driving through a painter's palette of Payne's Grey, russets, ochres and veridian.

Azriel kept on rocking out to the highway blasts of speedy air!

Family Saturday Dinner up at the in-laws... Azi and Nana harvesting some carrots from their gorgeous oasis of a backyard.

Snuggle time with Hazel the dog (Hazel-the-nut).

Cuteness and sunshine.

Family snuggle time on the inviting grass.

Sunday afternoon was a chance to visit with my family too.  A 'girls' day to go visit cousins.aunts. and newborns!  Ava and Azriel were eager to have a L.A.N party with their high-tech laptops as well.
Phew! A full weekend had at this nest.
A full day today recovering the house back to order.
Hope yours was a hoot!

P.S... remind me never to eat McDonald's again.... once a year I forget. ugh.
See y'all tomorrow.
Mel :o)

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