pinafores & perfectly playful poses...

Oh.my.gosh these pictures are killing me with cuteness!  
You're witnessing a momentous occasion in this paparazzi-mama's life... the first time my daughter was clearly eager to pose for pictures.  I die. :o)
Azriel was also eager to use her 'prop' - a polka dot fabric scrap - as a hat for giggles.

Move over 'next top models'... she clearly knows how to work a pose.
You can also see how I still have to wrap this pinafore around her twice - room to grow!

You may remember my original post about sewing this pinafore... I still adore that vintage heart button.  In other trivia.. its also what Azriel is wearing up top there in my blog header/title.

I recently whipped up one of these 'T-shirt' necklaces for Azi.. from a blue ribbed tank-top. Sometimes you need those quick projects to feel like you've actually accomplished something in a day!  I even found you a tutorial if you haven't heard of these necklaces before... you can go here.

All posed out.. she finally threw in the towel (or polka dot hankie).

Azriel's outift:
pinafore: mama made.
onesie: Zellers (?)
neck-lace: mama made.

If your eyes can contain any more cuteness after that... you would love seeing the wardrobes of other wee wonders at Mama Loves Papa today.

smitten mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. way too cute for words!  my favorite is the last picture, throwing in the towel.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love everything you make! Do you have a shop so I can buy your things online?? Are you going to open up one??


  3. Yellowfinchdesigns1 September 2011 at 11:07

    eep! that first picture is adorable :)

  4. Hey Steph! Thanks so much, you're sweet.  I keep wondering about an Etsy.. but then I get all frazzled by the idea of mailing - and shipping costs - Canada Post stinks for prices!  Too bad you weren't closer so you could come to my craft/art shows!  (IF you ever saw something you really had to have.. we could always just do a custom order/mail for you specifically!). xo Mel

  5. Oh, what a doll! Definitely a little model and gorgeous like her mama! 

    I love the colors in that pinafore and I agree with Steph- you need an etsy shop. I'd be a customer, too!

  6. aw, thanks Morgan.. now we're all blushing! xo

  7. Such a cutie...I love the colors.

  8. you are so talented, love that dress! and yes, what a doll! (p.s. darling color combo!)

  9. Hooray for sewing success. I tried to fix a seam yesterday - the baby grabbed the needle and the cat went after the thread. Tag team like. And that put an end to that.
    Pretty photos - the colours are great, and totally go with your blog design. LIke you planned it!

  10. love her outfits...she has to be the most stylish baby in Canada!!:)  seriously, i want her cute clothes!  i love her little necklace (gonna check out the tutorial) and her pretty dresses.  posing is such a great stage to be at-- especially while she is so young!  snap away!!:)  i love nosey-ing through your blog and looking at your photos.  always so beautiful!


  11. She just could not get any cuter! This whole post reminds me of delicious summer ice cream colours and sunshiny happiness. Yay for mumma made goodies and fun quick craft projects.


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