Greetings tweet-hearts!
Thought it was about time to show you more stitchery goodness coming out of this nest recently.  
Above was a gift I made for my cousin's two daughters: Ava & Alexis.

My last craft show displayed this new series - "The Patchwork Forest" as one of my latest lines of painted/quilted hoops.  My love of all things woodland gets to gush out in these pieces.

Patchwork Forest Series - $35 per hoop/ $60 for two hoops.
The background is from a vintage quilt, stretched over an 8" hoop.  
I hand-painted each cute creature onto canvas and stitched it onto the quilt.
These are a limited edition due to the nature of the quilt... but I hope to keep having fun with the woodland theme in more future projects!

There's a lot more on the go creatively here too.  I have commissions to work on in all my mediums right now: hoops.sewing stuffies.paintings.pottery.  
I love that if I get 'bored' in one medium, I can hop over to another project!
I'll keep you posted as the projects get polished off.

If you have any ideas/commissions you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me too.

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

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