It's a......

 Yes friends, we're seeing 'blue' instead of pink around here lately!  I just can't keep these kind of secrets (even from myself)... I know not all moms want to 'ruin the surprise' and find out their baby's gender - and that's cool - but I just love being able to relate better to who's brewing inside.  Technically I wasn't even told by the doctor doing the ultrasound.. it was clearly evident!

I was tempted to announce the gender by painting my face blue - a 'Braveheart' baby lets say.  Not feeling so clever, I opted to mark this moment with our blue 'chucks'.  I think I have a pair of these for every stage our daughter Azriel has hit so far... and now to pass on to her lil' brother.
Swoon... the thought of having a son is so exciting now!  I was convinced we'd be having another girl (but a boy was my second guess... really!).  Being a tom-boy growing up, I'm excited to have a lil' guy I can wrestle around and get messy with - not that I don't already with Azi. ;o) 

Ok and I just have to show two outfits I had to thrift for this guy.  I figured holding them up to my belly is a good way to measure if they'll fit... right?! 
Here's a mushroom sleeper from H&M that I adore!  Cute lil' squirrel pants too.... eep.  I'm sure he'll end up in a lot of Azriel's clothes - my aversion to pink has helped keep some threads more 'unisex' looking (in fact the whole idea of attaching 'gender' to certain colours is a bit lame.. but don't get me started).

Now to the real fun of coming up with name ideas... we had some picked from before, but not sure which direction we're headed this time.  Having picked a more unique name for our daughter - Azriel - there's a bit of a precedent set to keep being... unique... versus "Hello, here's our kids: Azriel and... Bob".  I don't know, we'll figure it out.

In five months these little feet will be entering a whole new world!

If you have any awesome boy names you want to suggest, feel free.
Thanks for sharing our joy here,
bouncing my boy belly,
Mel ;o)

P.S - later this evening I'll post one of those rare 'fashion' editions... based on today's outfit.
Stay tuned.. if you're into that kind of thing... 'fashion' or the attempts thereof.


  1. yay for boys!  oh i'm so excited!  one of each you lucky mama!!!  i wished so much for a girl, but i have to tell you, there is nothing like snuggling a smooshy faced little boy!  i wish i had some boy name suggestions for you, but i had a hard enough time doing that for poor baby Gibbson, he didn't have a name for two days! congrats a million times!
    <3 suz

  2. Aww, congratulations!!! So sweet!!

  3. yep totally missed that! Lol thanks for posting. he he he a baby boy. how exciting! Thats awesome guys. I thought i was having a boy... and we were going with Carter... but then clearly She was not a He, so Reeghan it is. 12 or less weeks till she makes her grand entrance... :o)


    wow, so exciting!:)  we always found out, too.  phil could never wait that long for a surprise:).  i thought your Bob comment was too funny!! 

    names...hmmm....how about phineas or ferb;) (this won't be funny if you haven't seen the cute disney show with these funny guys:)  i'm not good at boy names...so glad philly took phil's name:)  good luck with the choices:)!!  can't wait to see what you choose!



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