colour me inspired.

Today I'm delighted to introduce you to Anne Renouf - a beautiful artist that makes beautiful art.
I first met Anne back in 1998'ish when we both worked at a local art supply store (Cossars).
She's always had a gentle. sweet. spirit that sees beauty in the simple.sacred.moments of each day.

She makes stunning artwork too. I have always adored her use of trees, subtle washes of colour and dramatic hits of crimson red and golds in her paintings.  Her art has consistently grown much like her trees - ever seeking new skyscapes and ever deepening it's roots to new territory.  I love watching her creative journey.

 Our daughter Azriel loved Annie's dog Chester too... and he obligingly gave her many a face wash.

If her art wasn't already inspiring enough - now her whole home/studio is too!  They had it built on 90 acres of land to be completely off-grid!  The simple.open.space is washed in sunlight and cozy with the glow of a wood-stove... amazing.  I wonder if they would notice me building a studio.home.commune on a woodsy corner of their land?! ;o)

Speaking of woods - Annie also incorporated an art installation pathway into the woods near their home - what a beautiful way to admire trees in two dimensions: artistic & actual.

Yes, we were delighted to see Anne, her space, her art.
Hope you find her inspiring too... she's a sweet soul,
and it spills out onto her canvas.

inspired mama,
Mel :o)


  1. Hi, my name is Rocio ...I do love your blog, I found it at my husband fb. Congratulations is fantastic :)

  2. Hi Rocio, thanks for introducing yourself! You're married to Jason eh? Congrats on that too.. we went to elementary school together... nice to meet you! ;o)


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