D.I.Y upcycle your curtains... into forts!

Hello friends - happy long weekend to y'all! 
Here's a recent 'upcycling' project I did for my daughter Azriel.  I wanted to make her a special place. a fort. a hideaway. a tent... thing.  I had some old 'princess bed netting' and an olive green sheer curtain that I stitched to the top hoop.

I was also recently inspired by this pinterest photo that used a hula hoop to make a tent!

I hung this tent/fort up in the corner of our living room, tucked in a blanket, a pillow, some colouring supplies.. her bunny with the tutu around it's neck... and waited.  Azriel seemed curious enough to hang out with her bunny... but since that day I think the cats have claimed if for their own sanctuary.  Eventually I want to sew some felt leaves and vines around it and make it more hidden for her...  but for now I thought it may inspire you!

Like she said... "bye!"

Have a fabulous weekend!
Mel :o)

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