birds of a feather. necklace.

 My latest necklace pendants to hatch from this nest.
A series called 'birds of a feather'.
A memento.
A reminder.
Of those we hold dear... 
those we 'flock together' with.

I like the idea of imprinting the initials of that soul mate on the back of the wood pendant.

Each necklace has a unique delicate feather wrapped with grey wool to a light wooden pendant.  A russet brown wire and twist clasp holds it close to you.

Come check these out and all the other craftiness at this weekend's Craft Harvest Sale.  I'm really proud of this show - as I have been pouring my creative energies into projects that I delight in.  I'm only making stuff that I would love to own myself! ;o)

Hope to see you there friends,
Mel :o)

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  1. oh how i love this!  what a wonderful idea! what a wonderful memento!  just super :)  happy creating, I'm off to do the same
    <3 suz


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