from here... to maternity.

Call if 'fashion Friday' if you will.  
But don't worry, I won't be doing fashion posts on a regular basis.  You may have forgotten, but I promised to show pictures of this new dress that I posted about (along with all my woes of shopping/fashion in general) back in July!

Lucky for me, it makes for a great maternity dress/shirt.  I love it's stretchy.silky-cotton feel... and of course what hooked me was the entire lace back on it!  People keep thinking I made this because of the doily.lace look.... but I'm not that talented folks.  This is one of the rare pieces in my closet that I actually bought new.  I think our generation likes to label shopping second-hand/used as 'vintage' or 'thrifted' to make us feel more hip than the reality that we are poor-as-brown-beans broke!  Granted, even if we had more money, the ethic of buying second-hand is still gold in my books.

At this stage of life, if I feel comfortable, I'm happy in the threads I wear.
At this stage in pregnancy.. comfortable means yoga pants!

 Yes, yoga pants.  Not quite at the "I've given up on fashion... or even trying" stage as wearing jogging pants... but more like the illusion of fitness: "I look like I'm ready to do yoga, but really my gut just loves these pants".

I'm no fashionista folks.  But being an artist lets you get away with some funky outfits!
Dress/shirt. Tank Top. Yoga Pants. Levi's 'Converse' shoes. Old Man Hat.
Now that's some maternity stylin' mash-up.

Side-note: this hat is actually a sentimental.artsy creation of mine.  The hat was my late-paternal-Grandpa's.  The "Captain" badge belonged to my late-maternal-Grandpa (who was the fire chief in town).  I wanted to combine memories of both great men together.. and make a funky cap of it... thus, beads were stitched on too.

So here's the fashion run-down for you:
cap: Grandpa's.
necklace: pottered/lace creation of mine.
tank top: Suzy Shier (?)
dress/top: Zellers, oh yes.
yoga pants: Cotsco (sis-hand-me-down)
converse-style shoes: Levi's.

Now that's enough of that.
the shabbier side of chic mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I lol'd at your "I look like I'm ready to do yoga" comment. :-D

  2. wow-- what a special and awesome hat!  i collect hats, but don't really have any sentimental value to any of them...wish i had something like this.  might have to go steal one from my dad or grandpop:P

    you look great too, mama!  yoga or no yoga...lookin' good:)!


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