...whiskers on kittens - [a survey]

Firstly, this is Tinderpuff - my 'personal attendant' who tends to stick closer than my own shadow most days.  I love her big owl eyes.... and soft, fat belly.

Second, I'd like to do a mini-series of posts here over the next week.  Posts about why I blog, who I am, what I create... etc.  Consider it the official introduction to my blog I never did.
Now that I've hit 200 posts in half a year (crazy, I know!)... I thought I should actually step back and re-asses this mess I call my nest.

I'm going to end it with a giveaway too!
So here's where you get to have your input - if there's any specific topics you want me to address, or certain questions you've wanted to ask me... now's the time.

I'll aim to incorporate my responses into the following series of posts.
We'll be covering a few of my 'favourite things', which just happen to be whiskers on kittens. 
So that saves you asking that question!

Thanks for stopping in friends,
Mel :o)

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