Shop update: bird's nest brooch.

 Spring has sprung, and we love watching it unfold around us.

Chubby bumblebees hum around our back trees.
Baby squirrels are a hyper blur through the branches.
Young robins are being coaxed to spread their wings and fly above.

 And today while we were out walking we found two fallen bird's nests!
To be honest, I'm always on a robin's egg hunt actually... those shells are the perfect turquoise.
So, since I get so egg-cited about nests, I thought I'd add a few to my Shop here:

Bird's Nest Brooch

Three speckled jade eggs, perched in a wire/branch nest, atop two natural/green fabric leaves.
Brooch pin glued to backing.
2-3" in size. 

These are going for $15 Cndn - FREE shipping!

Please contact me if you want this nest close to your heart:

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. You and your little ones are so adorable, I can't help but smile when stopping by your little space. Sorry for the funny text I have keys on my keyboard not working so I had to borrow a letter and it make my text all silly sized.

  2.  You text looks fine here Hillsy - thanks for the sweet comment!  Glad you enjoy perching in at our nest here... hope you're having a crafty.delightful.summer! ;o)


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