thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion #4.

 Wielding an axe just makes any outfit feel more wild!
Welcome to the lady lumberjack line of upcycled clothing... here's the latest version:

 Once again, I chopped up my man's old shirt... and re-created my own airy summer top.
For those of you ladies who want to get your own plaid on... stay tuned for the easy d.i.y!

 It's such a fun and fast project, and makes for the perfect flouncy top for these hot days of summer.  Talk about the axe bringing out the lumberjack in me... looks like I even grew a hairy white goatee in that shot!  (Dear husband.. please don't look at this picture and lose all attraction to me).

Annnnd, here's a flashback to the other plaid shirt re-style.  Remember I wanted to make some sort of labouring outfit thing to wear when I was pregnant with Hudson?  Well, it fits better now.

I feel like a woodland Wonder Woman.

Stay tuned for more thrifty to nifty fashion adventures friends.
(If you want to catch up on previous projects you can click here).

The lady lumberjack,
Mel ;o)


  1. I really like your thrifty to nifty fashion adventures! And you look really great as a bearded lady lumberjack! Not everyone can pull off that look ;P

  2.  bahahahahhah...
    I will take that compliment... and give up shaving my chin from now on! ;o}  Glad you're enjoying these posts, hope you're inspired to hack through your closet too! xo

  3. So cute. I wish my sewing machine liked me...

  4.  thanks Carly... how could anything not like you?!  ;o)


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