going green...

Ok, I still want to clarify that this is not a 'foodie' blog...
...but hey, I like yummy food!
Annnnnnd, I figure it counts as part of my 'home.making' theme... so there.

With summer about to pounce, this is a delicious.fast.cool treat to make.
It's almost like a soup version of guacamole, which makes it top notch in my books.
Hence, eating it with whole grain nacho chips is super fun and yum.
(Some of us our a bit messier... but let's not name names). 

It takes all of ten minutes to chop.blend.pour this soup - and it's very rich in flavour... so it makes for a perfect appetizer to a meal.

I found the recipe in my "Cookshelf Thai" book, but the same one can be found online here:

For reals, anything with these three amigos in it has me hooked!

Gorging on green,
Mel ;o)

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