Hooooos a happy hoot hoarder?!
This mama.
Truth be told, I rarely get out to summer yard sales anymore (having kids makes it more challenging to haul them in and out of car seats at every stop).  So you can imagine my delight when Azriel and I walked over to our neighbourhood church's rummage sale and saw this....

 ...a whole tweetin' table of retro owls!!
I may have squealed out loud... and Azi was pretty eager to play with them too.
We carefully chose four of the feathered friends to come back to our nest - all for one shiny dollar - woo hooo! 

They nestled in quite nicely with the rest of my collection.
But, I need to make a better arrangement here...so it's a work in progress for now.

Honestly, I think it's good I don't get out to more rummage sales/thrift stores...
because the hoarder in me just can't refuse such deals (to the chagrin of Mr. Minimalist Ben)!
I'm trying to purge our nest... to de-clutter some spaces, one could go so far as to  say I'm swinging over to the minimalist's side (stop laughing... it's true).

Except for my owl collection of course.
Oh, and my fabric stash. art supplies. doilies and mushrooms/gnomes!

collector - purger
which side are you?

Owl love you either way,
Mel ;o) 


  1. Nicky Rothmann18 June 2012 at 14:21

    Love your owl collection!

  2. Hoot hoot... love them!  Hummmmmmmmm, I am always torn between the minimalist & the collector in me.  It is like a split personality!  lol.

  3. I love owls!

    You know what else I love? The fact that you won the Blurb giveaway on my blog! I will pass along your information to them so that they can send you the promo code for $35 off!

  4.  Woooooooot!  Awesome, thanks so much Carly!! ;o) xo

  5.  Hehe, agreed - I'm right there with you (NO I'm not, YES I am... wait, what?!).. lol

  6.  Thank Hooooo, ;o) xo

  7. i think the hoarder is in my genes...but i fight against it with even fiber:).  often, with no success!
    it's all my mom's fault. 
    her house looks like a country nicknack store:). 


  8. oh.my.hoot!! how I wish I was at that table full of owls... well, we may have arm-wrestled slightly over them, but I have a feeling Azriel would've won. ;)
    I have those exact same owl S&P shakers! I love them!
    I obviously need to get out thrifting more... I've been denying myself because I need to purge more before I bring more in! sigh.

  9.  haha! That's the 'look' Ben fears for our house!!  Keep fighting girl! ;o) xo

  10. woah!! I missed Carly's Blurb giveaway somehow, but the cool thing is, I entered Elycia's and won! You and I both get to make ourselves some Blurby books! I already planned to do so before entering the contest, to make Paris photo books! woot!

  11.  Good to know.. if ever we're about to duke it out over some hoots...'throw Azi in your face'! ;o)  Salt shakers??  Which ones?.. the lil guys.. didn't even see that, lol.  The ebb and flow of thrifting woes eh?  Sorry to miss your BIG yard sale.. boo.  xo


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