Shop the Nest: wooden key charms.

 Hey there friends... I'm still crafting and creating bits and baubles here at the nest.
Today's newest addition to the Shop:

hand painted wood key charms
Sliced, sanded, drilled wood pendants.
Painted, sketched, sealed with care.
Hanging from a small silver key chain loop.
The Family Tree pendant is marked with a heart on one side (or it could be your family name).
On the opposite side the 'rings' of your family are marked by the birthday colours for each person.  This is our family tree in coloured rings seen above.

Woodland delights shared here: Owl & Mushroom key charm.

 Of course there had to be a charm with my beloved Bird's Nest on it, and a red perched bird on the other side (it could be painted as flying instead).

Last, but not least... I'm a little nutty for this Acorn & Squirrel combo.

These double-sided key charms are around the size of a Cndn quarter (1").
$8 Cndn.
FREE shipping. 

Please contact me if you are interested in adding some woodland charm to your set of keys:

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. These are absolutely adorable.  The family tree one is really nice, I'm going to have to remember it for my Mom's birthday in the fall.  

  2. Yes I am.

  3. Nicky Rothmann13 June 2012 at 02:28

    so cute!
    you've got skills!

  4.  thanks so much!  You're sweet. ;o)

  5.  ....should I guess whooooo? ;o)  Come for dinner soon! xo

  6.  Hey there Mel, thanks so much!  I'd gladly do a custom piece for your mama... just give me a holler if you like later on. ;o)


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