thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion. #3.

 Happy Friday friends, and here's my latest upcycling stitchery adventure!
Now don't gasp in amazement quite yet.. I did NOT do all that embroidery:

This gorgeous old tapestry did the detail work for me (you may remember it from my moccasin d.i.y project too).  It was a thrifted gift that just keeps on giving!
So, I had this light cotton navy shirt (JOE) and I wanted to jazz it up on the back... my own embroidered shoulder tattoo if you will.  I just had to cut out the floral designs, pin them to the shirt while stretched in a quilting hoop... and then hand-stitch it all on.

 Another funky and successful upcycled project in my books.

 Granted, this task was not my usual super fast.stupid easy approach, since hand-stitching takes way longer for me.  It reminded me that committing to bigger projects can bring valuable lessons, they teach patience and test the limits of my creative ADHD side!

It also is a great way to force me to be still... I really enjoyed being 'captive' to stitching this while listening to various online sermons this week: a wonderful way to feed both the soul and the creative spirit at once!

And there you have it, another edition of taking something thrifty and re-styling it to something nifty.
Past projects:

Have a beauty-full weekend!
Mel ;o)


  1. Oh wow... turned out wonderfully!  Well done you!

  2.  Hey, thanks you! ;o)

  3. That would make such a cool tattoo...no black lines, just colour...neat! I want it, haha

    Also, I adore this. You are so crafty. Give me some of that craftiness, I've felt a lack of it lately!

  4. Nice work!  I love to see embroideries/tapestries re-worked and this is amazing. All that work that went into the original piece can now be appreciated in a brand-new way!

  5.  Thank-ya!  It is exciting to find new 'homes' for these old discarded treasures...  Someday I'll mail you a brooch of the same ;o)  E-mail your address to me if you'd like!  A belated birthday/anniversary gift!

  6.  I'll pose for you when you go to Ted then eh? hah!  Thanks again for the sweet words you, hope you're inspired to craftiness real soon! ;o)

  7. Nicky Rothmann2 June 2012 at 02:35

    Its Prettiful!

  8.  hehe, thanks pretty lady! ;o)

  9. I`m delighted. Keep up the good work!



  10.  hello!  Thank you very much.... you too! ;o)

  11. Only if I can send you something in return  : P    - will email you x

  12. you are full of awesome-ness.  that top rocks, friend!!


  13. I LOVE THIS!!! Such a cool upcyling project. Thank you so much for sharing!

  14.  hey THANKS!!  Gotta love being thrifty ;o)


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