Another Shop update: bird's nest pendants.

 So, I'm not going to lie... once the idea for this pendants hatched in my mind I was really excited to create them!

Slicing and drilling fallen tree branches.
Nestling tiny robin's eggs (blue beads) inside them.
Painting/Sketching a wee nest around it...  fun, fun!

They're the newest edition to my Shop, with the following three nest.lace options:

 Your nest pendant can hang from a Sienna brown suede band.
Silver lobster clasp.

 Second option is a chocolate brown wire hoop.
Metal twist bracket.

Or a delicate silver chain to hang your bird's nest from.
Lobster clasp with adjustable length.
*Each nest is unique and may vary slightly from the ones shown here.
Wood slices also range from 1/2 -1/4" thickness.*

$20 Cndn. - FREE shipping!

To order, please contact me at:

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o) 


  1.  thank you Amy, they delight me that's for sure! ;o) xo


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