If you asked my husband, he'd probably tell you I'm the most forgetful person in the world.
In fact, he often says "you're scaring me" when I ask him a question I don't think he's ever answered before (and it turns out I've asked like twelve times before...  supposedly!).
Maybe it's early Alzheimer's ... or I was dropped on my head a few times as a baby.

I try to convince Ben that it's 'ok'... it just means I'm coming to the relationship 'fresh' -
since I've forgotten half of our past!
He wonders if maybe I'm just not listening when he tells me stuff.. 
to which I reply, "pardon?.....".  

I'm not sure what makes 80% of my memory drive flit and fleet away like a dandelion in the wind, but it's a bit baffling sometimes.

 In my defense, my short-term memory is way better!
As a wife... and mother.. to certain unnamed individuals, it's a necessity:

Every day it's "Mommy, where's my________ (toy of choice)"
To which I reply... "It's over there in that bin, next to that box, under the stuffed bear".

Yes, I have memorised the multitude of toys around the house... as well as many theme songs to random kids shows, nursery rhymes and various children's books. 

Every day it's also, "Mel, have you seen my car keys?"
To which I reply, "ummm... I think you put them up on the mantle this time, but if they're not there... check on the washing machine".

I've never known anyone like my guy for his 'ability' to find a new hiding place for his keys every.single.day.  It's a wonder we still get anywhere on time, since it's always a scavenger hunt before we leave the house... and we're usually looking for his wallet too!

So, with my husband's absent-mindedness... and my forgetfulness,
it's a wonder we've got this far!

Maybe it's because he can never lose the key-to-my-heart....(awww).
And a marriage like this is, unforgettable.
Love you Ben.

Mel ;o)


  1. It's the baby. Our brain cells leak out in our breast milk. Sleep deprivation can be a memory killer.
    Ben needs a bowl by the door for keys and wallet!! Maybe a nice pottered bowl. :)

  2.  haha Cheri, thank you!  Trust me, I've tried every 'trick' to get Ben to leave his keys in one place... the guy would forget/lose them too!! ;o)


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