D.I.Y: lady-lumberjack shirt

 Alright ladies, are you ready to get your plaid on?
Time to raid your man's closet and borrow a plaid shirt... grab a meter of ribbon, your sewing machine... and if you want the complete 'look' - an axe!

1. Cut along the top of the shirt, following the natural curve under the armpits of the sleeves.
I cut about an inch above the armpit seam (so we can fold that in as a hem afterwards). 

2. First you want to hem in those armpits sides (the blue stitch).
3. Then if you want to avoid a 'peep show'... stitch down the buttons! (the red stitch).
4. Lastly, fold the top of the shirt down on the inside, sewing a 1" hem to pull your ribbon through.  (the white stitch).

 5. Thread your choice of ribbon through the front and around to the the back of your top.
If you're a pyro you'll love hearing that you can keep a ribbon from unravelling by singeing the edges with a flame!

It's that easy.
Once you've secured the top in the position you like... knot the ribbon and tie in a bow off one shoulder.

Embrace your lady lumberjack plaid power of femininity!

Mel ;o)

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