sew cute...

Recent stitchery projects for the kidlets here:
A fabric booster seat for my daughter... which she affectionately refers to as her "big girl chair".

I simply cut a square of thick foam cushion (from an old bus seat!), grabbed some bright turquoise vinyl for the top and green bird/leaf upholstery fabric for the sides... sewed a basic box pattern, and slipped foam in. Done!
I also stitched in laces at the back to tie to any chair.
Another recent project:
Reversible toddler hats (matching gingham pattern inside for brother & sister).
Now let's all gasp in unison - I actually followed a pattern!
Azriel's hat has the grey and hot pink kitty design.
Hudson gets the camouflage motorcycles on his.

Seeeeeeeeeeeeewww cute!!

the fun.fabric.family,
Mel ;o)


  1. The hats are so cute. Could you make one for my nephew? He is turning 4 on July 4. Let me know how much it would cost.

  2. I have the same motorcycle fabric, LOVE it! I have been wanting to make these hats for the kids but can't find a pattern big enough for Aselyn's head :-(

  3. I'm so proud of you for following a pattern, and having seen the hat myself, I know that you did a great job!  Keep up the patterny good work, lol.

  4. Pretty please with sugar on top teach me to sew! I can get everything set up & stitch a fairly straight line but that is where it sadly ends.  Love your projects!

  5.  thanks Laura!

  6.  You're my 'rule'-model of course!  Thanks for the encouragement.. love you sew much. ;o)  (Especially since you're so patient at enduring my cheesy humour). xo

  7.  awwww, hehe that would be a hoot!  Totally the 'blind leading the blind' though, since if you can stitch a straight line - you're already ahead of me! lol.   Thanks for the compliment!  My golden rule: just keep sewing away till it starts to become what you want it to.  xo


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