she says the funniest things...

 This girl cracks me up.
You may have thought from the earlier post this week that I was broken down by her... but seriously, 85.9% of the time she's thrilling my world!

Especially at this stage of being a 'two.ddler' where she's trying to say full sentences of sheer genius.  Honestly, every kid should have their own comedy show.

For example, today while I'm breastfeeding Hudson she says:
"Here's a good idea mommy.... I feed Hudson from my belly" (as she rolls up her shirt).

Or, while eating breakfast the other day:
Azi scratches at her diaper..
"oh... there's a doggie in there".
Me: A doggie? Where? In your diaper?!
Az: "Yeah it's biting me.."
Me: What kind of doggie?
Az: "A Biiiiiig dog"...

..she gets out of the chair.. "OH the doggie is under my toes"... pulls off socks... rolls up pant leg to show her scratched knee... "Ohhhh, it's just my boo-boo".

Dogs seem to be the theme lately... since yesterday she walk talking to her 'friend' who was "hiding under the computer"
Who's your friend? I asked her.

"He's a doggie.
He's got green on his pants... cuz he plays golf".

I'm really just writing this all here because I'm terrible at keeping a journal anymore... and this stuff will make my day for years to come!
Hope it brings a smile to your day too,

Happy weekend y'all.
Mel ;o) 


  1. blytheponytailparades11 June 2012 at 09:03

    Hahaha aww this is too sweet! The other day my friend's 1 1/2 year old son tried to "breastfeed" his baby sister :P :P It was really funny!

  2.  hah - a big brother wet nurse.. that is hilarious too! ;o)


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