I like to think of house-sitting as a poor folk's version of vacationing.
So, when Ben's parents were away - we were eager to move in to their home for a stay.cation this week.

 We love it up here... it's surrounded by nature.
It's quiet except for birds chirping and dogs barking and rivers babbling.

 We can explore... mushroom-scavenger-hunts for all.


 Splash.  Snuggle.

Sure the kids are still noisy.. but having a quiet background is such a refreshing change.
We live near a fairly busy intersection... and day by day Ben and I are turning into huffy old people that shake our fists at every loud motorcycle that goes ripping by!

We keep dreaming.talking about living more rural in the future.
For now I live vicariously through blogger friends who share the richness and reality of such homesteading goodness.
Erin captures the simple moments with her lens and shows the beauty in them.
Andrew/Kira capture the fun and hard work required to live so simply.
 Check them out... and be inspired too!


Savoring this stay.cation,
Mel ;o)


  1. Nicky Rothmann8 June 2012 at 09:05

    ahhh! such bliss!

  2.  It twas!  I kept thinking of the quote: "the journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes.. but in having new eyes"... though its nice to have new scenery too! ;o)


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