D.I.Y: fabric ring...

 Hello lovelies.  Here's another 'super.fast.stupid.easy' project for you to create in 10-15 minutes!  You could call it the "scrap-happy" ring if you like.

 Supplies Needed:
* A circle of vinyl (cut just larger than a quarter).
* An old ring that fits you (or a 'backing ring' from craft/jewellery store)
* A couple small strips of fabric scraps.
* Bonus: a few decor pieces to attach.

 Flip your vinyl circle upside down.
Twist the fabric scrap into the centre of that circle and start 'zig-zag' sewing it while you continue to turn the vinyl (creating a spiral of twisted fabric).  You can keep adding different coloured fabric to each coiled layer as you sew.. just go slow.

 Now that you've created a fabric rosette, it's time to decide how/if you want to accessorise it:
1) I liked the simplicity of it just as it was sewn.. but wanted a bit more 'depth'.
2) I set the blue button on it.. but decided it would look like a strange eye.
3) I threw a wee doily on it, and some shell coins from an old earring... but felt it looked too cluttered.
4) So, in the end, I opted to just attach the shell coins for a little bit of 'jingle'.

 Now that we've decided on the final look of our ring... grab some embroidery thread and stitch through the vinyl and around your ring a number of times.
(Note: if you don't want to see all that stitching underneath, you could just hot glue another smooth disc of vinyl to the bottom of your sewn one).

Easy peasey.
A fun textile statement piece for your enjoyment.
Want to see another cool ring d.i.y that really rocks?  Hop on over to Lauren's blog A Perfect Pear and check this one out.

Happy crafting, friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. Cool beans!

  2. ..beans, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you.. er, I mean ~ thanks! ;o)


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