handmade holidays: GIVEAWAY! [Closed].

 Well friends, it's that time again.
I'm feeling crafty... feeling cheerful... feeling festive.
Annnnnnnd I want to share it with you!

You dear readers are a sweet spot in our nest.
I'm blessed to have you perch here as often as you do.
Whether you're a devoted 'follower' who patiently endures my daily postings,
or an occasional 'check-in' and catch up type of reader... I'm honoured to have you stop by.
So here's a wee thank you:

 This hand pottered ornament features a gorgeous indigo crackled glaze on one side, and a sketched oak leaf imprint on the other.
(If you chose to turn it in to a necklace pendant I would cheer you on!).

The winner also gets to choose ONE painted feather ornament in the colour of their fancy (ivory or brown feather with accent colour option).
Those delicate large doily earrings will be included in the prize too (like snowflakes for your neckline).

This is just a small token of my big appreciation for your presence here.
Whether you're a new reader - or an old one.
Whether you comment often - or never make a peep.
I'd love to send you this Christmas warming gift!

How to enter the GIVEAWAY:

1. Simply leave a comment and SHARE a favourite Christmas memory.

2. While I don't like 'bribing' people to be forced followers of my blog ..IF you are a follower, please mention which forum you use (google reader/bloglovin'/facebook)... you may just win some extra goodies in your care package! ;o)
Giveaway ends next Friday, November 30th, when the WINNER will be announced! 

Thanks for being here friends,
Mel ;o) 


  1. My favorite Christmas memory is the year my brother was finally into Christmas and understanding what it was. Watching him open presents and squeal with joy was amazing.

  2. I don't know if mine counts as a memory since it happens every year? I'll try 'er out :) Every year for as long as...... probably since i had teeth, my mum got up in the morning and made monkey bread (a bunt pan full of all things horrible for you and far too delicious) and we would eat some when it was ready while we waited for my dad to wake up. she would let me open my stocking too, which was always and still is my favorite part of gift time :) the one and only christmas we did not spend together was a few years ago, I of course made the monkey bread, but didn't use enough busicut dough and it was a very whimpy money bread.... it tasted the same, but not the same.... :) happy merry mama mel :)

    i follow through bloglovin'

  3. It wasn't something I enjoyed at the time, but I remember it fondly now... my brother would wake up way before the crack of dawn and wake us all up by yelling, "morning! it's morning!" He would then burst into my room and shake me out of bed so that he could start opening his gifts.

    I let facebook tell me when you update your blog :)

  4. We never celebrated christmas as a kid and do not now, but I do love the first silent snow. When the world stands still for just that little bit, and every branch of every tree is dawning it's shimmery best! PS I follow on Facebook :)

  5. We didn't have a whole lot of $ at Christmas but my parents would try and make things as fun as possible. Every Christmas eve we would drive around looking at Christmas lights and Dad would tell me that we had to be home by 8 so we wouldn't catch Santa on the roof as he hit Peterborough about 8:30. Then I had to go to bed right early when we got home b/c again, Santa got to Peterborough and such. It's such a fond memory.

  6. Christmas at my house was always filled with tons of family and lots of presents. Yes, I was a spoiled rich kid, one year there were so many presents they took up over 3/4 of the room. Insanity or should I say stupidity? But thats not my fondest memory..every year opening my stocking was my favorite memory, because we were able to do that before all the commotion began. I would get up (sometimes at 4 in the morning) and run down stairs..dump out all the little individually wrapped gifts onto my lap and be so excited to have this little moment all to myself. No one telling me what gift to open, what way to face for yet another picture, taking turns opening gifts - when all we wanted to do was shred them all open! So I used to cherish that time alone on the couch. My mom would come down and she would begin baking and preparing breakfast and tea. I appreciated the stocking gifts so much - just the little trinkets of jewelry and small toys and I think the peace of those few hours before everyone else was awake.

    As an adult I continue to try to convince my parents that Christmas has nothing to do with the materialistic objects you buy from a big box store. It's about spending time with your friends and family..making handmade gifts to share..and making donations to those in need. As I said my childhood was a very spoiled one, but I can say that I did not bring that attitude into my adulthood. Some day I hope I will convince the rest of my family to not be selfish and materialistic..until then I will just continue to make gifts and try to convert them slowly.

    Happy holidays,

    (I already "follow" you via bloglovin)

  7. One year, I think the first year I was in university and away in Toronto, I was home for Christmas. My sister and I ended up staying up all night, having a slumber party in the guest room, listening to Christmas carols and waiting until dawn so we could wake up our parents and own gifts :) It was nice to be a little child-like even though we were 'so grown up"


  8. Oh, those are gorgeous! My favorite Christmas memory is my family decorating our tree each year.


  9. I'm a new follower via GFC, by the way. :) Lovely blog. I'm doing my very first giveaway soon, and it's also a holiday theme. Well, sort of. hehe


  10. ooooh ooooh pick me! I am in love with your corkie feathers. My favourite Christmas memory is the year the christmas tree fell down in the middle of the night on Christmas eve. My bedroom was right below where the tree was setup and the thud woke me up. I so thought it was my father falling down is I ran upstairs to see if he was okay. Alas, it was just the real tree on the ground with all of our presents soaked in water from the base of the tree. Quite funny. I follow you anyway I can. Mostly Fbook. love.

  11. My favourite Christmas memory is spending the entire day celebrating. We would wake up, get dressed, open our stokings, eat breakfast, head to church and then come home and snack and open presents. We wouldn't finish until about 3 p.m. and by then the house already smelled of delicious turkey. It was always the best day just hanging out together on the living room floor. I remember resenting my parents for making us wait to open presents until after church, but as an adult, I love to look back on those days.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and to look back on a great memory!

  12. My favourite Christmas memory is the year we spent in Jordan with all the cool people there. :) Travelling to Jerusalem and Bethlehem during the Christmas season was a once in a lifetime experience and I remember being blessed by the peace of God there. We also put on a reenactment of the Christmas story on Christmas day and the kids were adorable dressed up as little shepherds, sheep and angels! I follow you on facebook.

  13. Favorite Christmas memory... so many to choose from... probably last Christmas because the kids were the perfect age for it, 3 & 4. Just their absolute joy when they rushed downstairs together in the morning and their happy dances around the tree. I'll never forget it. And the house full of family, music and food. All the ingredients for pure Christmas bliss!
    Your painted feather ornaments are lovely!

  14. I follow you mostly by Facebook but I am pretty much a 'follower' of you everywhere. Look out your window! There I am! Wahahahahaha!

  15. bahaha! It's a good thing you're cute... creeper! ;o)

  16. I don't follow you online, but I follow you everywhere else ha ha. my favorite christmas memory was the year I actually prayed for a gift, not because I really wanted it, but to have God prove He was really there. It was wet and wild barbie. my mom and step dad didn't have any money that christmas, and we weren't going to be getting presents. then on christmas morning after we had come to terms with this, and were becoming excited to just spend christmas with mom and dad and turkey. My step dad went outside and very literally there was a grocery bag hanging on our door and in it were christmas presents literally labelled girl #1 and girl# 2 and in amongst those presents was wet and wild barbies for my sister and I. that christmas was one of the first where I really started asking questions about God and started making my faith my own. sorry this story was so choppy, but that's it. that's my fave because it was the beginning of me trying to grow my faith.

  17. I thought I was a follower, but now I can't remember through what or where...so I joined up through Google Friend Connect. My birthday is Christmas Eve...and a lot of other family members also share Christmas birthdays...so most Christmas memories for me include balloons and cake. My favourite Christmas had to be the year I turned 30. I just remember feeling so much hope and joy and excitement over starting a new decade. And I was truly blessed that year to spend the holidays not only with my family, but with two friends visiting from Germany. The whole season tumbled into new years...a big old farmhouse I was house sitting, tobaggan hills, wood fired sauna...and a first date with Mr. Beardpants...this new years will be our fourth!

  18. Hi there, friend. All of your stuff is so beautiful! I'm not quite sure what to pick for a favourite Christmas memory... Obviously getting engaged on Christmas Eve 8 years ago (ack, I'm getting old!) is a favourite memory. But I think another big favourite for me was going on a dog-sledding trip with my family when I was 12 years old. We went the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, and we stayed at four different B&Bs and dog-sledded the route from one to the next during the week. I loved being responsible for my own team of dogs, and having to feed them and bed them down for the night. It was an amazing family vacation, and one I hope I can do again with my own children someday.
    P.S. I'm showing my "non-tech savvy" colours here, but I don't know how to follow you....??? But I love you, does that count?


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