D.I.Y upcycle your tablecloth into a skirt!

Hello friends!  Here's one of my latest sew-fast projects.  I mentioned during my past slide.show.sunday post about making a skirt from a tablecloth... and this is it!  I thrifted a round lace tablecloth and quickly whipped it up into a big, flouncy skirt.  I know, I'm laughing at myself for this one too... it is teetering on the edge of ridiculous in my books - but it was still fun and worth a quick tutorial for any of you who dare. ;o)

 It makes for such a pretty tapestry... I want to drape it over everything.
Grab a round tablecloth.  Measure your 'largest' posterior part (so the skirt will fit over it) and cut that size out of the centre of your cloth.

Once you have removed centre 'waist' hole.. feel free to model it on your head.  I hear it's all the rage.

Fold over a good inch of fabric around the waist and run a loose zig-zag stitch.  You'll have to keep compensating for the curve of the hole and excess fabric as you sew.  Leave a gap to then thread some elastic cording through.  Test the size of waist by wearing.. then stitch elastic together.

Throw your own fashion show... and don't forget how fun it is to spin in all this fabric!

I do so love the lace edge touching down to my toes... or in this case my 'wedding shoes'.

 I just can't get enough of the lace.doily delight lately... so I wore my thrifted lacy shirt and doily brooch (remember that tutorial?) as well!  I felt so holey. baha.  Sorry, if you want a real laugh.. I was reminded of that hilarious Carol Burnett Show skit doing the spoof of "Gone with the wind".  Granted, my outfit was pulled from a tablecloth - not the curtains!

Sorry the image quality isn't great.. but you still catch the funny dialogue!
Hope this one again inspires you to upcycle the things in your life that need to be re-delighted in.

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Have a great day,


  1. my_girl_thursday26 May 2011 at 15:43

    holy dang Melissa!  that's a gorgeous skirt!  I'm now officially on the hunt for a round lace tablecloth.

  2. baha - you're hilarious!  You'll have to post pics then ;o) (Especially the twirly shot.)

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