[M.M.7] puppet parenting.

Welcome back to Monday Mamalogues:
'sharing the beauty and breakdowns of motherhood'!
Every day with a toddler is a new adventure...
...because we role-play all the live long day!

Sometimes I'm this here Ms.Piggy... other days I'm the 'teacher', or 'mama bear', or Joseph in the techni-colour sweater vest.
 Our daughter looooooves to boss us around and direct the performances:
"Ok, now you say this....  and then I'll say this..."
Make believe is so cute, when your kids talk to your puppet as though they're real.
Then, when I play along and say "wow, this cake is delicious!!".. she'll look at me with this serious adult face and say "mom, it's just a plate... it's a pretend cake".

It's kind of stinkin' adorable.
Confession: I may be guilty of using these puppets as a parenting prop.  You know, since a kid is much more eager to obey a pig - than a parent.
Piggy: "Ohhh here's a fun idea.. let's clean up all the toys... Oink oink.. wheeeee!"
Azriel: "OK!!".

Bacon rules.
(Oh yes I went there).

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Mel :o)


  1. lol i must say that you are much more creative than me. i just flat out ask her to do something... happy monday. i don't have a parenting post so i'm not linking up. xo

  2. I use this technique too! You're right, it works like a charm. I will often put a towel over my head, hunch over with my hand on my back and walk slowly talking like a very old woman. When I do this, I am called 'granny' of course and the kids flock to me and listen to me in a way that they never listen to their dear ol' mom. One of these Mondays I will join in...

  3. Ha! Awesome.. you're welcome here anytime 'granny'! ;o) xx

  4. Methinks you're pretty creative there too mama.. look how Lily dresses up/plays! I definitely believe that kiddos should 'obey' us mamas straight out.. but sometimes the help of these 'pretend friends' goes a long way for a tired out mama! lol xx Come back soon! ;o)

  5. Ha. Yes, pretend play (which, btw, is something I suck at). It's kind of adorable. Kind of trying in the all-the-livelong-day nature of it's being. We do a lot of teacher play. A lot of baby baby. And Baby C (stella's friend who's one.) And I will also "use let's play baby C" as a parenting tool, because baby C is a lot more cooperative about teeth brushing than Stella is! Thanks for hosting!!

  6. hehe... parenting makes a pragmatist of us all.. 'does this WORK? then I'm using it!!' ;o)

    Lovely to have you again Erica! xx


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