here + there

coziness + colours.
princess + lil' dragon.
windows + warmth.
incense + interiors
twinkle toes
clear skies + crows.
snuggly son.
Well here we are again, I guess we missed last week's instalment of 'here+there' snapshots due to those 'readers choice' posts.
The days have been plodding along here fairly 'normal' like... with lots of cuddles and creating.
We're all pretty recovered from the bazillionth cold/flu to hit our nest this season.
But this week that lil' guy has been quite the cranky pants.
Not sure what to blame (teething/gas/moon's orbit?!!)... le sigh.
+ Oh, and yes, I am often wearing this mustard toque now...
+ I've been finishing up some fun sewing projects lately.. more to come on that.
+ We're burning lots of that incense lately (Nag Champa)... us hippies.
+ There never seems to be enough chocolate in this house.
+ Pet peeve: crawling into bed to discover you daughter ate crackers there earlier.
 + The kids don't realize I'd be a much happier mama with some real sleep!

That's all the randomness I have for you today.

How's your week treating you, sweet souls?

Mel ;o)


  1. Lovely round the house pics of your clan. And that sunshine! The crows... just recently watched a documentary on crows... did you know they mate for life and are INCREDIBLY smart? They can remember people's faces/what those people do to them. It was quite interesting albiet a little freaky too. Happy Wednesday.

  2. Ah! Crumbs in bed!
    Nice photos. Love those twinkle toes.
    I hope you have a happy Wednesday!
    xox Andrea

  3. Gypsy in Jasper13 March 2013 at 13:37

    Your photos always have such a warm glow to them. Your nest is so lovely and cozy and your wee ones are so adorable. I love the photo of them playing together.

    I'm glad to read that everyone's feeling better. xo

  4. aww thanks, it's pretty cozy around here indeed! I'm glad that despite not being a 'kid person' you can find those lil' ones adorable... hehe. They like you too. ;o)

  5. There's not much that is more swoooon worthy than a wee gal dancing around in a sparking tu-tu! LOVE it! A happy wednesday indeed = date with the ben for the afternoon! (I haven't forgotten your reader's choice suggestion.. just haven't got a day 'off' yet.. alone! lol)

  6. Thanks lovely! YES crows are crazy intelligent!! I heard first hand from a lady how she cared for this baby crow she found fallen from a tree... and as the crow grew up it was her shadow... and would literally fly from the county home into town.. and follow her through the mall (she's see it hopping along the skylight windows overhead!) and caw-caw her all the way back home! Amazing! Hope your crew is well there too! xx


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