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Another week, another peek at the simple moments in our nest.

Can I just say that lately it's felt really awesome to summon this inner domestic?
Cooking new meals, baking new recipes, wearing an apron, cleaning the house.etc.
(If you recall my last confession about 'fearing the kitchen'... you'll know this is kind of a big deal).
To all those femi-nazis who wanted to liberate women from the domestic 'confines' of house-wife 'oppression'... you've missed the liberation of being in this role!
Sometimes the cooking, cleaning, and caring is utter drudgery... sure.

But, other times... it can be a total delight.
Yes, really.

 For me it's totally a perspective issue.
If I look at the daily 'duties' as just in the way... needing to get done to move on with what I really want to do... well, then I loathe them.
If, while doing the cleaning, I'm just rushing ahead in my thoughts to that cup of tea and crafting that I would much rather be enjoying... then I'm not being present/mindful of this moment.

But, if I see the domestic duties as something meaningful/purpose-full in themselves... they bring joy.
For me, it's called: love.

The secret to being a happy housewife?

Here's how the formula works in my own heart:
Love God = desire to serve others.
Love husband = delight to serve in our home.
*Serve* sounds so... subversive in our current culture - especially amongst us women.  But I have found this beautiful balance, and complementary freedom, in letting my guy be the man, and me be the woman - both equal, both unique.
All I know is that I love to *show* my Ben that I love him... by cleaning the house, or baking him a peach pie.. or, like, stuff..
It fuels my work, this love.

So, it feels like I'm growing to embrace this role (except for the moments I still recoil at it... I'm a hot mess somedays)!  I'm re-learning that this title of 'home.maker' is a badge that can be worn with honour - not bashfully or shamefully.  We haven't 'given up' on being strong women.
We aren't a waste of a good brain, or talents.

We are house.wives... and that can be a truly beauty-full thing.
Funny how perspectives can change.. once our experiences do.

 happy home.maker,
Mel ;o)


  1. i too have been enjoying my house "duties" more and have been changing things a lot around here. i still need help in the kitchen. please, please, please posts on both those recipes. the peach pie and the short bread. i'm assuming they don't have more than 5 ingredients? ;)

  2. hahah.. you're hilarious! Here's what I googled/baked: choc/orange shortbread: http://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/dark-chocolate-orange-shortbread/ NOTE: after blending it up it will just be all crumbly.... I kneaded it like 'bread' for a bit since I don't have a Kitchen Aid! Bake it a lil' less for a softer texture... mine was more like biscotti - but still yum!

    The peach (apples added) pie was from here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/single-crust-peach-pie/
    I happened to have Ben's pie crust on hand.... but buying pastry puff is easy too! ;o) xx

  3. Amen, sister! I would've written something like this if, when I was a housewife, I'd had facebook... uhhh... and the internet! xo

  4. I wish I could see it the same as you. Guess I'm not quite there yet. Working a full day and then coming home to a mess is hard. And I just want to flop on the couch even more.

  5. It's all in the apron really... a good apron can help you accomplish so much more by putting you in the right mindset ;o)

  6. hahahhahah... I was totally going to tag you on facebook with that shot.. ooops! YES, the apron really does make all the baking/cooking turn out right! THANKS luvey.. xx

  7. Well the BIG difference there is that you're out working a FULL day first.. I'd be flopped right at that couch with ya mama... maybe lil' J will learn to use a vacuum soon enough! ;o)

  8. ...guess you should have used homing pigeons back then, eh? muahah. Thanks sweet mama!

  9. Wow. Girl, we are on a similar wavelength. As a stay at home house wife and mum (right about 12 years now... holy crap) I can tell you without any reservation that I embrace this role. That said we all "recoil" at times (it is a HARD job darn it). You spoke of serving... love...perspective... that is what it is. I use this example all the time... load upon load of laundry can make a girl faint, but on the flip side I feel quite lucky indeed to have all these people in my life to do laundry for... to love (to serve). All the little things done in a day that nobody may notice right up to the big things we do... all help to keep the mortar of the bricks of the family home held firmly together. Every family has to find their own unique balance which is what makes the world go around.

    Off to serve my children...time to round up and take off to swim practice for the 100th (or more) time. lol.

  10. awwww... that`s beautifully said Danielle, thanks for sharing your sweet heart here. You`re a champion! (Can you tell I`m really starting to admire 'older' mamas for the example you set of years of service!).xx

  11. Hey, there is an Aussie blog about embracing the work you do in the home, and the importance of it called "down to earth" it's also about living frugally... I love it! And that apron..... Very cool! If you're gonna do something you may as well do it right!! X

  12. awesome - thanks for the heads up luvely! Yah, my bestie made that apron... and I just got given another awesome one last night by our other sewing wonder friend... should start collecting them!
    amen! Going to try and do it right... day by day ;o) xx


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