thrifty & nifty threads. upcycled fashion. #17.

 Annnnnnnnd we're back ~ with another fun edition of taking something thrifty and sewing it into something nifty!
Or, what could also be called 'further adventures in repulsing my husband'!
(More on that part, later..).

Anywho, here's how this project went:

1. Take one frumpy old sweater cardigan.
2. Use a seam ripper to remove the front panels.
3. Lay those sections as a tracing pattern over fabric of choice (a sheer aztec print seen here).
4. Cut two panels of new fabric and insert into the sweater...sew/surge in place.
Bonus features:
+ I sewed the front cardigan pockets back on to the aztec fabric.
+ I added leather elbow patches (as seen in a previous project).
+ The front buttons were replaced with matching wooden ones.

Now, back to the husband in crisis.
It's pretty hilarious around here... every weird sewing project/notion I start to design.. he starts to cringe.  It used to be just vests that had him hurling.  But now I have successfully created a whole new line of gag-worthy fashion it seems.
While sewing this project, Ben said incredulously:
 "A sweater cardigan... really??"

"Don't worry, I'm about to make it awesome!" 
says I.. triumphantly holding up the sheer aztec material.

"You mean that Grandma curtain material?" he retorts.

"Pfffft..'GRANDMA'?!!..... c'mon, it's AZTEC"!
(as if this word in itself should convince him of how cool my project is). 

Yah, he's still not convinced.
I told him not to worry.. from now on I'll make sure to get his *approval* for my future sewing adventures... maybe I could do a lingerie line... out of upcycled potato sacks.
 Yes, that could be a winner.

For now, I just have a growing wardrobe of 'what not to wear' if I want to catch his eye.
(Here's hoping you all aren't new here... and think my man to be some critical goon, we actually laugh/tease each other in complete affection... which you would have seen on Valentines day).

So, do you ever tease your partner about clothing choices?

sew silly,
Mel ;o)

(P.S... also, if you're new... you can catch up on previous upcycled fashion projects here!)


  1. You should wear this with your Aztec tights to really float Ben's boat :P

    I think the sweater turned out super fun and totally you!

    I hear you, my guy makes fun of my clothes too...I have one shirt which he refers to as my "chauffeur" shirt and always asks me where my limo is parked :P I tell him he looks like a grandpa / lawn jockey in his argyle sweaters, and it's all in fun :)

  2. Ohhhh you know it Gilli! Aztec head to toe! ;o)
    I'm now curious to see this chauffeur shirt!!


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