...the milky morning light has infused it's way through the espresso night sky.
Speaking of which, coffee and I are having a co-dependent relationship.

After a fitful week with this lil 'night-fury' I'm happy to report he actually...really... slept 12 hours last night!!  (So, of course big sister was up hollering for "SNACKS!"... "TOYS!!" at 4:30am... oy!).
But, this weekend should be a fun one, I'm currently anticipating:

+ a greasy brunch with this hot mama and her two lil' superheros.

+ further crafting on a few kid's projects.

+ family outing to a Maple Syrup fest.

+ family dinner Saturday at the in-laws.

+ meeting with Church family for worship.

+ maybe even enjoying a green ale... maybe.

What's the weekend hold for you friends?
Have a safe and sweet one,
and kiss a leprechaun for me.

mel ;o)


  1. Sounds like you have an amazing weekend coming up! Enjoy! So happy for you that Hudson slept so long. We went to a Maple Syrup fest last weekend- it was great! Have fun!

  2. Thanks Cristi! Hope you guys have a great weekend too - all packed up now?! ;o)

  3. If you mean fever of 102 yes I am that hot Momma! Miss you!

  4. awwww... poor lady, was sorry to miss you! We had to go eat fries/drink milkshakes in your honour.... since Azi had her heart set on that fun too! ;o) xx Raincheck!

  5. My weekend will be spent preparing for Ostara on the 20th, eating a delicious and HUGE St. Patty's day dinner that my mother-in-law is cookin' up, cleaning and hopefully, relaxing! :D

  6. Ostara? Sounds like a fun irish-feasting weekend over there! ;o)

  7. I hope you're enjoying your fun weekend!
    We went to a first birthday party yesterday. It was lovely :) Other than that, just hangin' around the house.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    xox Andrea

  8. Sounds like fun Andrea! (Other than fighting with Disqus, eh?)... hope the party was a hooot, did you sew something sweet? xx

  9. No. I didn't have time. But I figured it was alright because he already owns a bunch of things I've made :) I gave him some stacking blocks and a copy of The Giving Tree.


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