here + there.

.mis-matched socks + siblings at play.
.snack time.
.bet I can't eat just one!
.playmates on parade.
.hunk o' handsome + chunk o' cuteness.
.hair cutting (the hubs, not me... this time).
.fabric cutting (let's hope it works!).
Another week, another peek at the moments that fill our nest.
I kind of love this 'here+there' series... it's fun filling it with simple pictures, and all the random notions fleeting through my heart at this stage of the week.
Thanks for being part of it.
Soooo, this week has that roller coaster feeling, again.
 + Trying to walk by faith... when the sight part seems discouraging.
My hubs Ben wrote about it here.

+ Needless to say... he looks pretty stinkin' handsome after a fresh shave + a haircut!  While he's also very trusting to let me wield scissors around his ears (as is all of our family, really).

+ I'm now chopping through fabric, attempting my first 'real' shirt!
Spring has me eager to sew new outfits!

+ We're getting excited for this coming Easter... (we'll also be celebrating my big brother's birthday and Ben's upcoming one too, lots of fun)!

+ Our cute lil' guy Hudson is getting tear duct 'surgery' today to open his blocked duct(s)... it's never fun to go to hospitals, but we're thankful for free health care.
*UPDATE: despite now looking like he's been punched in the eye, he made it through great!

+ Our daughter Azriel plucked me the first flower peeking up out of the garden... it's sitting in a tiny vase on the dining table now.

+ I showed her the magic of dunking Oreos into milk... and twisting the tops off to lick the icing.  Total bliss.  If not for an ounce of will power in me.. I'd eat the whole box in one sitting!

Well, that's probably enough randomness from me for one day.
Oh, but wait... lastly: I'm sure you've all heard about Google shutting down their Google Reader feature (just when I was about to hit '100'... after avoiding the silly gadget for so long!)... but you can still follow my posts at Bloglovin'.  Just click here.  Lovely!  (Or you can find me through this Facebook link).

Ok, now I'm done.
How about you?  How's the week treating you... or just today... or just this moment?

I raise my Oreo and salute you.
Mel ;o)


  1. mmmmmmm oreos for breakfast... mmmmmmm....
    hope surgery goes well. poor little guy. anything to do with hospitals is never great.
    week is going great here. vacation mode since Lily is off from school and ballet. i tried hard to actually go away with her but didn't work out. oh well, next time. good luck today!! xo

  2. haha...no not for breakfast.... tho now I'm tempted! He made it thru very well thanks.. poor lil guy is a champ. Glad you're having a fun one there! xx

  3. Have you ever tried the PC brand candy cane oreos? DELISH!! So glad Hudson came through his surgery alright. Love the photos and seeing what's going on in your nest!

  4. Gypsy in Jasper27 March 2013 at 12:21

    That photo of the kids kneeling is priceless. That's one made for a frame or the fridge.

    Around these parts, I'm trying to stay sane during negotiations with my employer. Sometimes it's tough being a grown-up. My goodness. I'm also rocking out to reggae, spring cleaning, and enjoying the sun (and the puddles!).

    I'm so glad to hear Hud made it through his surgery. Cuddle him extra hard today. xox

  5. hehe, yes that is the 'bum' shot of cuteness! Thanks, we're snuggling lots today ;o) Negotiating eh? Hope you get your voice heard... ! xx

  6. oooooooh no I haven't, sounds delish for sure!! Thanks for being here sweet soul, xx

  7. Glad to hear all is ok!!
    We have a friend visiting from interstate, massive weekend at work, crocheting, homemade pizza for dinner, and a glass of wine.......good balance hopefully! X

  8. Lovely.
    I hope Hudson heals really quickly from his surgery.
    Things are going well around here. I've been productive in the studio this week, though I'm just never quite able to accomplish all that I want to. It seems that my expectations are always completely ridiculous.
    I've been LOVING the warmer weather, seeing the birds return from the south and hering their songs, seeing the sun shine a little brighter, the longer days. I'm excited for Easter this weekend too.

  9. Isn't spring so intoxicating?!! Loving it here too! Yah, studio time/creating is always a bittersweet mix for me as well... love making stuff vs. see other projects I want to do!! lol Eager to see what you're coming up with there! xx

  10. Thanks lovey, sounds like a fun time there... have a wonderful weekend!!xx


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