D.I.Y: quilted children's play pad.

 Ok, so it feels like ages since I've shared any do.it.yourself projects around here.
This one if for the younger crowd... a sew simple quilted 'natural habitat' for the kids to play on with their animal toys.  I was inspired by the interactive Pilgrim's Progress quilt we had been given when Hudson was born, so I wanted to make them a smaller landscape to play with on their desk.

Here's some creative hints to inspire your own version:

 1. Lay various fabrics out to create 'terrains' (water/forests/flowers/hills/grass etc).
2. Using wax paper (cereal bags) underneath areas will create that fun crinkly sound!
3. Stuff small shapes to make 3D layers for the quilt (flowers/mushrooms/trees etc).
4. Sewing boning inside felt strips can create curved 'bridges' or cave openings.
5. Fold fabric in half, stuff with quilting batten and create cave/pockets for the quilt.
The more areas to interact with, the more fun for the kids!
Our gal loves hiding her animals in caves... and tucking them behind various pockets.

 Kids also love helping create the project (if possible)... Azriel stuffed the mini trees for me.
While also guiding my fabric through the sewing machine... with her keen eye there!

 She wasn't quite as keen to 'pose' for me here... but that's ok, thumbs do need sucking.

Lastly, as a final bonus sewing project:
I used this cute woodland animal print fabric I had on hand... and sewed quick lil' felt-back finger puppets for the quilt too.

The real treat about sewing kids projects is that it can be done without worrying about perfection.
Sloppy sewing, fast stitching, mis-matched threads are all accepted without hesitation.
This quilt pretty much looks like a kid sewed it.. and that's fine with me!

Hope it inspires you to create for the kids in your life too!

Mel ;o)


  1. This is awesome- I love it.

  2. fun, eh? Hope it inspires your creative streak! xx

  3. Gypsy in Jasper20 March 2013 at 11:40

    This is such a cool idea!! And, I love that Azi jumped right in to help. So fun.

  4. Thanks Nicole.. yes, she's mama's lil' helper around here - always wanting to do what I'm doing! lol

  5. Wonderful idea! so cool that little one helps you!

  6. Thanks Mila - she's a sweetie for sure! ;o)


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