[M.M.10] remember this.

Welcome back to Monday Mamalogues,
'linking up to share the beauty and breakdowns of motherhood'.

On a good day my brain is the equivalent of day old porridge.
Soo...  where was I?
Oh, right, listen up here brain... these are some things I want you to remember:
* I want you to remember how this one year old boy squeals with delight when he sees you in the morning.
* The way he delicately plucks each cheerio with his thumb and forefinger and smacks his full lips around it with total satisfaction.
* Remember how every time you hold him he enthusiastically points to nowhere and squeals:
* How he laughs at his older sister's antics on his behalf.... bouncing with excitement over her every "Hudson... BOO!".
* I want you to remember how every night his rosy cheeks lay sleepily on your shoulder after nursing... and in that moment, you want to just hold him there forever. 

* I also want you to remember this three and a half year old girl... this lil' dynamo of growing personality.
* Remember how she crawls into bed every morning beside you.. (and wants to rush downstairs for 'snacks/shows/snuggles')...so you rub her back just to have a few more moments under the warm covers.
*  She loves to colour with markers, to paint, and pretend... she also loves to give out orders: "now you be kitty, and you say this, and I'll say that"
"you're seat belt isn't on... put your seat belt on"
"I should visit Grandma and Grandpa....that's a good idea don't ya think?"
"...whaddya think of that?"
* I want to remember how addicted she is to snuggling... it's like her love language.
* How she collects every stone, branch and leaf she sees on our walks.
* The way she likes to drink her 'tea' with a spoon.
* How cute she looks with her pixie haircut.

 Oh, and this:
Just a few of the moments I don't want to forget... 
I think it's almost been a year since I wrote one of these lists.

What do you want to remember?

mindfull mama,
mel ;o)

*Any of you mamas are welcome to link up your thoughts/stories/snapshots here today!


  1. yes brain, please remember all those things because they are wonderful. those two... i can't. too cute!! hope you had a great weekend. xo

  2. Gypsy in Jasper25 March 2013 at 10:18

    What a lovely list. I hope that brain of yours never forgets!

  3. Just last night Jeff and I were talking about how we don't want to remember Ivy's voice right now. It's bittersweet knowing that won't be a part of her forever!

  4. Ah, that video! To see the children love each other. It just doesn't get better than that!

  5. It's a beautiful thing... that love, especially since its so 'fleeting' some moments! lol xx

  6. HAha.. I think you meant 'you don't want to forget'... or, that's just, um... weird. Mom.brain! lol

    Thanks for being here beauty-full. ;o)

  7. ...thanks to the magic of internet, I hope it won't either! ;o)

  8. aww.. yes. Weekend here was a usual mash-up of the cleaning and the family visiting, relaxing.. fun! Hope yours was good too! xx


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