(Reader's Choice): From hair to there.

(Left: the only time my hair's been curled.  Right: the basic doo I've had since 2009).
 Alrighty hair we go.
Today's "Reader's Choice" post is going to kick off the start of my promise to blog about your requested topics!
Claudia asked for a highschool story.. or past hairstyles (best/worst).  I think both these suggestions can work together.
Because it was waaaaay back in high-school that I started dyeing my hair.
Let me re-phrase: that I started bleaching my hair... and being too cheap to then buy a blonde dye to put into that 'stripped' state =  I had rubber duck yellow hair that felt like straw.

From that point I was a kaleidoscope of colours.
Going from blonde to black.
Magenta to deep plum.
Orange streaks to cinnamon red hair.
Yes, and I still cut/dye my own hair to this day.

Over the past number of years... what with marriage, and pregnancy(s).  My hair got pretty boring.
I was eager to pop out Hudson so I could get back to filling my head with toxic chemicals!  Hence, the above styles you've seen me sporting this past year.
(Bleached blonde, fire engine red underneath, then chopped with red all over!).

 Currently I'm at the ombre stage of black/brown to brown to blonde tips.
I'm once again attempting to grow it out...  sooooo, it's usually at this point I start to twitch and want to hack it off again!  But, I keep dreaming of locks like this.
 Oh, and if I was really feeling wild... I would love this doo too!

So as for the best/worst hairstyles I've had:
best = maybe the current ombre look... though the cut feels a bit dull.
worst = hacking my bangs off to a bare millimetre so they stuck out from my scalp with plum hair around the sides... as a teenager!
(Or, shaving half my head - with long bangs on the other side... as a kid!).
What's your vote?  Should I grow it out, cut it off, dye it wild again?
What crazy colour would you do for fun?

Hair-brained mama,
Mel ;o) 


  1. thanks! i actually like what you have going on right now. brown suits you. if your hair grows (unlike mine), go for long. why not? i like how adventurous you have been with color. xo

  2. I love this entire entry! I've been highlighting my hair bi-annually for years, but just had it dyed from natural dark blonde to a medium brown color. First time dying at 25! The possibilities are very tempting. Rainbow bright hair is going a bit too far for me, though. ;)

  3. My favourite doo is the fire engine red underneath! So cute. Your current look is cute, too, but for some reason when I picture you in my head it's with some kind of red and blonde thing happening. Maybe that's because when I started following your lovely blog that's what you were sporting.

    Either way, you're beautiful no matter what you're hair looks like. Although I don't know the plum hair with millimetre bangs was a good plan.

  4. *blushing* awww you're sweet to me, stop that! lol... Yah, I still have some red dye kicking around here.. tempted to just smear it on for one last hurrah here... we'll see! xx

  5. Oooh, you're a darker brown now? Your pics are still blonde though.. right? I bet you look tres sophisticated! ;o) xx

  6. Pleasure - thanks for the prompt! I can't decide if my hair grows fast (enough) or not... but I'm trying to wait it out and see what becomes of it here.. tho people who rock 'pixie' cuts like yourself keep tempting me to hack it off sooner! ;o)

  7. You are perfect in any shade! Loved this "hairy" post... especially the BW photo of you. I wish I could be more daring... I am the same anytime... dark hair, red lip, pale skin (at least in the winter). If I could do anything I would do red red red, but with long hair the maintenance would be crazy right? So what should you do next? In all honesty I think most people notice that gorgeous dimple of yours before your doo!!! My vote is to grow your hair only because you mentioned you would want to and haven't done that look in a while... would be fun. Plus all the more dramatic when you cut it all off again.

  8. I'm with Nicole on this one - middle picture is my favorite! I always have a soft spot for fire engine red hair - some people (ie you) just look so amazing with it!

    As for me - worst hair: SHAVED after I had a bleaching accident gone way way wrong. My mother bought me a wig! Yes she was that embarrassed! haha sophomore year of college

    best hair: either right now, long straight cute bangs, or flamingo pink in a bob


  9. Garsh , thanks you... you're all tempting me to be wild and flamin' headed again! lol...
    That sounds tragic to have happened in college! Oy! (P.S.. I hope you're prepared to post a pic of your hair currently IF you do open your blog for suggestions! muah haha). xx

  10. Well Snow White, aren't you the sweetest?! I like your point about growing it just to be dramatic to cut it off again.. it's almost 'reverse-psychology' enough to convince me! lol xx

  11. I think you look good with any hair color!

  12. thanks Beth! xx


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