(Feature): "Turnovers" baby clothing.

Turnovers clothing
I have a soft spot for mom-preneurs.
Creative women... hatching new ideas to sustain their families, and their world.

So, when Rhapsody Hahn (coolest name ever!) contacted me about her baby clothing line... requesting if she could include a picture of our kids in her video... I was happy to agree!  She's created an eco-friendly reversible line of clothing to suit both genders with one outfit.

Here's her product launch info-video:
(Can you spot Azriel/Hudson wearing the same owl onesie?)

 Best of luck with your endeavour Turnovers!

*(I wasn't paid/bribed/forced to endorse this new company... just happy to help another mom-preneur to launch her dream).

Speaking of mamas, we're still continuing the Monday Mamalogues link-up here every Monday.
If you need a 'prompt' this week's edition: "how do you inspire imagination in your children?".

See ya on the flip side friends,
mel ;o)



  1. Thank you sooo much for your wonderful blog entry!!! I appreciate having your support, and I'm happy that people are getting excited about Turnovers!!!!

  2. No problem, hope it is a great success for you!!

  3. Hi Mel! I just wanted to give a quick update that my crowd-funding campaign was successful and Turnovers is now available at www.turnoversbabyshop.com. I am so excited to see this dream come to life and I couldn't be happier with the line! Thanks again for helping to promote it in the earlier stages. :)


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