(Reader's Choice) Our Home Tour:

Annnnd, we're back - today's post is a FULL house tour of our lil' Nest here.
A few of you requested this... but thanks to Krista for the 'readers choice' suggestion.
Note: every picture/room is a link to a full tour of that space.
These pictures were originally posted almost two years ago... (not much has changed, but, I do rotate the Living Room around every other day).

So grab a cup of tea and tour along with me!
Entryway/Laundry room
Living Room. Part 1.

Living Room. Part 2.

Master Bedroom/Studio Space
Master Bedroom
Kids room/nursery
Most recent view of kidsroom.
So there you have it friends!
I hope you feel more 'at home' in this space, and feel welcome to drop by for a visit.
(Unless you're a creepy spammer stalker... you go away).
It's fun catering the posts this week to your reader's choices, thanks for playing along lovelies!
Have a beauty day,
Mel ;o)


  1. what a wonderful home you have made! every room is full of color and personal touches... love it! some of my favorite rooms are your entry way and your bathroom. your cat seemed to have followed me everywhere.... xoxo

  2. Gillian Veitch6 March 2013 at 10:15

    Love it ! Looking through all the posts now, and your space is so you:)

    fyi, living room pt 2 link doesn't go to the post!

  3. Thanks so much for that heads up... I meant to check each link and got distracted (as usual)! You win a gold star.. and it's all fixed now. Hope you're feeling better too!? xx

  4. That's true - the cat(s) are my shadow... entourage... escorts! Glad you enjoyed the tour... and thanks for the sweet comments - I NEED our space to reflect me... or it just feels like I'm visiting, but not really 'here' you know? xx

  5. Gypsy in Jasper6 March 2013 at 11:39

    There is so much colour and creativity in your house. I love it! Love it! It looks like a home. There is nothing better than that.

  6. I totally knew you'd have the best house ever!! It's so cozy and homey and YOU! It really reflects who you guys are and I LOVE THAT!!


  7. Yes.. loads of colour + creativity... just gotta have it! Would you believe that somedays I do dream of painting everything white?! I'd probably go quickly insane(r) though. Thanks love. xx

  8. Aw, that's super sweet of you to say Carly.... it's lovely that y'all know me well enough now to know a space is 'mine' when you see it! ;o) xx


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