celebrating, creatively:

(our cute lil' some.bunny from Easter last year)
 Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner?!
The spring tulips aren't even out yet... but we are still ready to see beauty blooming here.
To celebrate new life, growth, restoration.

For many, like our family, this is season of spiritual celebration.
This time marks our reflection on Christ... His death, burial and resurrection.
The cross is the centre of our faith.
The intersection of God's love and man's hate.
Salvation + Sin.
Life + Death.

Since our faith is foundational to our family, I'm always eager to find creative ways to infuse it into our children's upbringing.
To find simple ways to represent incomprehensible depths.
Childlike faith.

So this year, for Easter, we're introducing some new 'traditions' for our family.
Seeking to bring balance to the notion that Easter just means 'eggs' or that the Easter Bunny is 'Jesus' (a hilariously heretical statement our gal made last year!).
 I was searching for some creative ways to bring more spiritual depth to this season, (something more than just a sugar rush)!
Lessons about Christ, (something more than just hunting for chocolates).
The gift of hope, (more than just a gift from hares).
If you wish the same for your family, here's a few ideas we plan to do this year:

1. Resurrection Eggs:
Note: painting an entire egg carton is a slow form of torture...
 I ordered a sweet looking book Benjamin's Box to go along with this activity
(since the book outlines what each egg's contents represents).  I like the idea of hiding these eggs, getting the kid(s) to find them, and then sharing how each object represents specific parts in the Easter narrative.
The description for each of these eggs (with corresponding Scripture verses) is from this source.

We're still going to let Azriel have her chocolate eggs too... since Grandma & Grandpa are eager to host the hunt at their place.

2. Planting a seed:

I also want to have a time where we plant some seeds over Easter... and we can talk about how these are buried in the ground - but then burst forth with new life... 
We just painted her lil' set of planters today in preparation.
(IF you're a local.. you get a FREE kids planter set out at Gerry's arts/crafts with any purchase right now... that's where we scored ours today!)

As for any other Easter celebrations... there's usually a special church service/conference held.
Extra family feasts with the relatives.
I'd even like to try a Passover themed meal and look back at the story of Moses/the Exodus.
Lots to celebrate!

But most importantly... we celebrate with joy.
 I believe every.person desires to be loved, to be happy.
I believe we were created to find those delights first in our Creator... this is what we want our children to grow up understanding.
God is our joy.
Apart from Him, we are restless, hopeless, helpless.

And so, this Easter, we look to Jesus, Who: "for the joy set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God" (Hebrews 12).

What does Easter look like around your home?
Around your heart?

I'd love to hear memories/stories/ideas for how you celebrate it too!

mel ;o)


  1. Thank you for the ideas! This will be our first Easter with our newly-refound faith. I think our guy is a bit too young for the Resurrection Eggs this year but next year we'll definitely do them! A few of us at church have organized a potluck for Palm Sunday for All Gods Children so we're going to start there this year. Not sure where the rest of the holiday will take us yet though. All I know is I don't want him to totally associate it with the Easter Bunny.

  2. i love your sparkling creativity~ and what better way to use it then to introduce the beauty of our Creator to the kiddos!?! The egg thing looks really cool; never seen or heard of that before so am gonna pin it to remember for next year! We are going down to the beach for easter week... last year i didn't realize we were dying uncooked eggs...so this year will look a lot better, hopefully:):).

  3. Awesome Krista, glad it was 'new' to you - for your crew too! Ha.. oy... raw eggs... ick! Have a great time at the beach (insert *jealous* squeal from me!!!). xx

  4. Yes it's a real balancing act it seems... especially when they're so young, to try and keep the 'real' things in perspective all the while having the fun moments of make.believe/imagination... sounds like some wonderful things you've got planned there too! Happy Easter to your family. xx


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