spring fever...

 ...or cabin fever.
This is the time of year when either option starts to give me the shakes.
After a long winter... feeling cooped up with sickly kids and unable to hike them through the snow in our stroller... I get the stir-crazy twitches.

But after this weekend... I'm getting the spring fever shivers of eagerness!
Much like the optimistic tulips budding up through the cold mud... I peek out in hopes of Spring.
I smell it blooming in the air.

This past weekend was particularly mild (3*C/35*F)... so our family hiked around the neighbourhood.  We had just bought Azriel a new pair of rubber boots to fit her this season.
Perfect timing for the puddles (small lakes) now growing around our house!
I kept warning her to look out for whales... she cautiously splashed ahead of us regardless.

I guess this is just that crazy time of year for all of us in the world... half of us are complaining about the winter - the other half (yes, you Aussies!) want summer to end.
Further proof that we humans like to whine often.

Either way, I'm still eager to embrace a new season here!
I can't wait to hike out under the warm sun and let the kids tear around on the green grass.
However, currently the state of our entrance/front lawn is a frightening mud pit.  Ick.

Even as a homebody, this mama longs to get out exploring again.
So c'mon down Spring, do your thing... and lets have a fling.

 What's the weather like outside your front door?

Mel ;o)


  1. ugh. sunny and high of 82. i'm miserable.

  2. Was nice walking with you this morning... even if it wasn't sunny and 82 (I'm so jealous). Those two-foot snowbanks will make nice swimming pools in a few weeks :) Can't wait to splash in them with the kiddos!

  3. You're a champ to get us moving.. enjoyed it!! xx

  4. yipes.. in March?! oy.. sending you hugs, but not sweaty ones. xx

  5. My favorite since child was winter. Even in bad years, I never said that I was sick. This year it's enough! We are in March and it's raining and cold like hell (ironic this saying). I want sun, I want warm, I want to smell flowers spite my alerggies... :D


    Sofia G

  6. You and I both... bring on the warmth! ;o)


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