A.musing.mama! 1.2.

...surely I'm not the only mama who feels like an absolute bear in the mornings?!
(I keep trying to convince the kidlets that I would be a much nicer mom if given the chance to sleep in... but, no dice).
It's funny, I can still clearly remember waking up in the night - as a child - absolutely convinced that I was in a bear cave.  Freaking.right.out.
Turns out I was in my parent's room, and Dad was snoring like one.
Also, we just watched BRAVE again last night....  love it!
Have a wild weekend, friends.

mama bear,
Mel ;o)

P.S - you can catch the previous comics here.
 P.P.S - sorry the lighting/detail quality of these pictures is a bit sketchy... I'm stuck with taking photos of my comics.  IF someone wants to buy me a scanner, go for it! ;o)


  1. Ha ha- no kidding! Hey I just watched Brave again last week too, this time with my mom. Love it. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your talents and am thankful to the God that poured them into you and allowed you to develop them. This is wonderful!

  3. Thank you sweet *auntie* - I'm thankful to Him for kind hearts like YOU. Saving all my bear hugs up. ;o)

  4. Thanks - hope you guys have a great time there too! Unpacking?? ;o) xx

  5. Nicola Rothmann22 April 2013 at 13:35

    Definitely not the only that feels like a bear.
    And yep, Brave was such an awesome movie, trying to learn some of those lessons.

  6. rawwwr! Thanks Nikki! xx

  7. Hehe. I'm not really grumpy in the morning but I sure do like my coffee. Very cute! Losing all that sleep in the early years is really tough. It gets better, I promise!


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