here + there.

hiding + squealing.
pajama clad neighbourhood watch.
paintings in progress.
homemade chocolate covered almonds/cherries. MMmmmmmm.
snuggled in her cozy nest.
a dilly of a pickle!
another work in progress (the painting too!).
Well hi there you bunch of wonders!
Here's another week, another peek at the moments that fill our nest.

I chose not to show you the sadly frozen over state of our budding gardens this past weekend.
Everything was encased in ice - poor lil' flowers - but they seem to have pulled through!

The power was out again last night too.
I felt like a real pilgrim... what with my candles and all.
But Ben and I had a tough time of falling asleep without the 'white noise' of the fan whirring... oops.

Anywho.  As you can see, lots of paintings are in progress here!
Mainly, mini skyscapes still... in preparation for an upcoming show at my favourite local coffee shop again (Black Honey, locals!) in the next month.
So, while the kids nap.. or the final golden hour in the evenings after their betimes... I paint!
 I'll keep you updated on the new mini masterpieces around here, friends.

Well after this weekend of hail, wind, ice and rain... I'm hoping to spend most of this sunny day outside with the kids!  Hoping to round up our crew of neighbourhood mamas and make a stroller conga line to the park together.

How's the week treating you lovelies?

Mel ;o)



  1. Claudia Guerreiro17 April 2013 at 08:10

    that pickle face is just too cute!! i hope spring gets to you soon... we have had some major rainy days and then some real serious HOT days. not looking forward to the heat i tell you. your paintings are looking great. can't believe you tackle so many at a time. good luck with the show and congrats!! xo

  2. I love that pickle photo! And I can't wait to see all of your mini paintings. Keep me posted on your next show. We'll have to plan a visit soon.

  3. Haha.. that was a hilarious moment for Hud - he kept tasting it and making a funny sour face each time, laughing, and trying it again. I will definitely keep you posted... maybe you can free a time between mothers day - fathers day? ;o) xx

  4. Spring sprung today friend! We've been out loving it too! Yes.. the paintings are a bit of an assembly line here - it's sometimes a fun way to work - springing from piece to piece and around again - it helps me have a consistent theme/look for a new show too I find... ;o) xx thanks luv!


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