how to be GREAT:

I just had to share this amazing quote with you guys today...
...because living in this competitive culture, sometimes we start to forget what true greatness looks like.

We start looking for it in the 'successful' people.
The rich, or famous, or intellectual types.
We may even compare ourselves against the polished surfaces of others...
..and find our joy depleted.

Leave it to Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. to holler out the truth!

'If you want to be great, learn to serve".
Motherhood is my training ground.
How about you?

P.S... I still think you're pretty great!

Mel ;o)


  1. phil and i are reading a book (the hole in our gospel) on this very topic right now~ serving others. it is not the easiest read; on just about every page i read something that makes me feel a prick in my heart...but i guess that is a good thing:). i loved this short, sweet post, as it just fit right in with my readings this week! thanks for the extra nudge in the right direction, sista<3.


  2. awesome! It's a great nudge for all of us... ;o) xx


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