here + there

easter feast'ers.
sunshine + swings.
...it's a (red tailed hawk?)... bird!
Chillin' with my Peeps!
(yesterday's) bird mobile fabrics.
vintage chairs + flowers blooming.
peach pie... disaster.
Another week, another peek at the moments that filled our nest here.
Hmm.. many of this shots are stories in themselves... where to start?!
* It was a deliciously delightful Easter weekend, spent with all our families/siblings/church.  We celebrated my big brother's birthday as well as my Ben's (his is tomorrow!).  So, lots of fun!

* We soaked in the sunshine while we could (now that it's bitter as winter out there again)!
While at our favourite park I espied that gorgeous hawk feasting in the trees overhead... I felt like a real National Geographic photographer, despite lacking a zoom lens.

* I've still been baking + crafting lots lately it seems... due to the trapped stay at home condition we find ourselves in.  Yes, it's too frigid to walk the kids far.. and of course, they're fighting more head colds again.

* Oh, and yes, that peach pie - despite it's lovely looks - tasted like rat poison.
Turns out I probably should have added lots more sugar than just a 'sprinkle'... since they were frozen peaches... not the summer sweet ripe ones.  Gah!  Sooo that was a miserable flop of a 'birthday dessert' for my guy and his family.  (Though, I should mention that I did manage to pull off a delicious flour-less chocolate cake - with raspberry drizzle - for our other feast!).  So I'm batting 1/2 in the baking department lately...

Well now, time for me to stop yappin'... I really do like to hear about you, how's the week treating your soul there?

I send you a big warm hug,
<skaaadooosh> (thats what the hug sounds like).
Mel ;o)



  1. creativewings13 April 2013 at 09:31

    how wonderful that you spent the day enjoying your family, even though they had the ickies... hope everyone is well soon
    I adore your mobile thinking I might need to make something like this ASAP...

  2. Hillery Sawyer3 April 2013 at 10:42

    What sweet family photos. We too celebrated the hubs birthday on Sunday, his whole family came in including two of his siblings and the niece and nephews. It was a big treat and we finally made it out to the sugar shack for some trail walking with hot maple syrup and pancakes at the end! Perfection. Gosh was I said to see the weather turn cold, we've only ventured outside when we must, the hubs for work, me for my weekly visits, but boy! All you want to do is get inside quick and it's been especially windy in Kingston!! I am so ready for spring!

  3. Gypsy in Jasper3 April 2013 at 10:55

    Bummer about that pie; it looks absolutely delightful! I hate putting in hours worth of effort only to have the final product flop. At least you made it look nice, right!?

    Things here are going well. I have a busy week of interviews and writing ahead. Nothing I can't handle, though. ;) The sun is shining on the mountains this morning, but it's a still a bit nippy out. I'm ready for some full-blown spring already! (It's supposed to snow on Friday. womp womp.)

    I hope you and the lil' ones have a lovely day. xo

  4. Hmm.. a nice looking pie - much like a pretty face - can only get you so far... in the end, it's what inside that counts. ;o)
    I'm SOOOOOO ready for Spring.. going a bit (more) crazy here with wintery woes... I think we'll live outside under the trees allll summer! Happy writing there!

  5. Hey Hills! FUN, fun! I'm loving the fresh maple syrup we got this past winter too.. mmmmmm! Yes, this bitter weather can take a flying leap right about now.. ugh. warm hugs. ;o)

  6. Hi there, thanks for the kind words, we are a home of snuggles - even when they're snotty ones.. lol. Happy sewing there! ;o)

  7. oh no.. BRICK apple pie.. ay yi yi. Always seems like such a waste doesn't it... just another reason to try try again. ;o) Here's hoping for warmer days ahead for ALL of us. xx

  8. HA! I know that phenomenon well.. I always say something tastes like something I've never actually tasted, like, 'eww... tastes like nail polish remover'...maybe the smell conveys what we think the taste would be?! lol Sorry I didn't save you any cake.. cuz it was ahhhhmazing!

    Stop talking farenheit woman, you think I'm american or what?! lol... but I trust that heat will someday make its way up to our frigid north!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week there sweets. xx

  9. Hi! Love the chairs! A LOT!! They would 'go' in my house so well! Super busy here... Had our wedding anniversary yesterday.... Working too much!! Hah! Email coming sooooon! Pinkie swear!! Xxxx

  10. You would like those chairs.. totally 'scored' them from my folks/from their folks.. despite Ben's chagrin! lol... happy anniversary lovers!! Take your time... no worries xx

  11. Nicola Rothmann4 April 2013 at 08:01

    Love Love Love!!!
    Those fabrics are so pretty!
    Annnnd, I have the same chairs and a matching table (i think it was a card table) with the original plastic coverings, have been wanting to recover for months now...just need to budget for it;)

    Hope your Spring is pretty!
    Love and Light

  12. Really?? Waaay over there and we have matching chairs?! Hilarious... my folks still have that card table too... reminds me of being at my Grandparents! Spring is non existent here now.. more like winter ongoing.. ugh! Miss you and your crew - lovely to hear from you sweet mama! xx

  13. Lucky you for spotting that beautiful bird!
    Sorry to hear about the pie. Bummer.
    The weeks going pretty well for me :) Enjoy the rest of it. Hopefully, it's warm enough where you are to get outside!


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