confessions [of a Mel] part.13.

This photo may seem odd.
It should.
Yes, we have a toddler bed tucked into the corner of our room.
Crammed into my already small 'craft corner' to be exact.
It used to be a play pen.
Then, a crib.
Now, a bed.
For the past 14 months it's been one crazy round of musical beds.
The dream of having two kids sharing one bedroom was trumped by the 'night fury' - our Hudson. (*Incidentally, we may have discovered recently that he sleeps through the night when using asthma puffers/inhalers... still getting that diagnosed here).
But yah, Ben and I want our room back.
I also want my craft corner back.

Long has it been neglected.
I would tear in there - grab a pile of fabric - toss through another pile.. and exit again.
Since someone or other was always in there to nap/sleep/nap.
(I am a baker's wife still).
So, the floor was hidden under a mess of chaos.
My 'storage' bins of fabric were dumped helter skelter.
A bio hazard sign could have been taped across that space.

So you know what I did? I avoided it.
 'Too big a mess' thought I.
'What's the point, I can't even use the space right now' I reasoned.

For almost a year, that's been my thinking.
Until yesterday.
I finally had a couple hours to clear the clutter.
To save you the horror show I did not do a 'before' picture.
That big pile of stuff still on the floor needs to be cleared (wish I could just hit a magic 'delete' button!).  But the fabric stash is finally stored back into a submissive state.  Phew
Funny how this mess seemed so insurmountable in my mind,
but in action it only took a couple hours.

Confession: Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the *thought* of something...
when the *doing* of it is often simple.

 Best example from daily life.
The dirty dishes.
I used to look at the mess after dinner.. and avoid it.  Thinking I finally just deserved a break from the 'work' of the day... and wanted to put my feet up for the evening.

But like messes do, they just seemed messier the next day.
I'd resent those dishes for wrecking my morning.
I've since learned.
Tackling the messes while they're only small... dish by dish, is so much easier than the mountain.
Isn't it true for most things in life.
 Messes just get messier when avoided.
Sometimes it can seem insurmountable.

But one small action can deflate those despairing thoughts.
Clean one dish.
Organise one corner.
Utter one prayer.
Forgive one mistake.

Step by step the changes can come.
There's beauty on the other side...  just keep pressing on.

messy mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Claudia Guerreiro18 April 2013 at 08:21

    i hear you mama. i feel the same way about things sometimes. overwhelmed and don't deal with them right away. except for dishes. that is a big peeve of mine and i tackle those asap. hope you all have a lovely thursday!

  2. Gypsy in Jasper18 April 2013 at 11:48

    Such a good message. I'm awful for holding grudges and being resentful. I don't want to be that way. But I can be. You're right, you need to tackle things while their small and manageable.

    I hope one day you get your room back!

  3. I totally get overwhelmed by the mere thought of big tasks too, but the hardest part is always the moment right before you start. Putting on your running shoes to go out for a jog, or getting the boxes ready to start packing (me this week), trying to decide where on earth to start when decluttering, always the hardest!

  4. ..that's a very true point... it's like everything builds up to that point - and then you just have to push yourself over the 'cliff' and soar. ;o) Hugs to you friend. xx

  5. You're also awfully humble to admit that... I think we all need to be more self-aware of where our struggle points are, and be brave enough to address it - and grow softer hearts again. Resent and grudges tend to put a bitter crust over hearts that bloom much better when kept soft... ya know? You're a sweet heart Nicole! We're hoping to get this room back soon too.. maybe when they're in highschool.. lol!

  6. glad you still 'get' me, friend. Way to tackle those dishes... especially when your man makes all those yummy meals! ;o) Hugs.


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