A. musing. mama! 1.1

(true story).
Yes friends, Saturday morning mama comics is back by popular demand!

I wasn't planning on making this a 'regular' series... (since last's week silly sketch was just a fast, funny, rant about this stage of motherhood) but so many of you kindly encouraged me to keep up the sketching, so here we go!
Confession: I never draw.
For years the dust has collected on my many sketchbooks.
I only, ever, paint.
Filling canvases, not paper, with my creations.
As a child/teen I used to draw constantly... cartooning a lot.
So this is sweetly nostalgic for me to embrace again.

 I'm now realizing that this is a delightful way to get a quick 'creative-fix' too!
While the kids are playing (nicely) for a nano-second... I can do a fast sketch.
No clutter of paints to unpack.. or sewing machine to heave on the table.

So now I keep sketchbook and pen at the ready.
Yes, pen.
I like the 'all out commitment' of using ink.
Pencils make me hesitate.. adjust... fix... slow down.
What you see is what I drew - with no parachute!

Oh, and hunched over the sketchbook - with tongue sticking out - is more how I roll.

Now, I won't promise that this will be an every.saturday.comic.series... unless I feel so inspired!
But I plan to keep using 'real life' events/comments made by our family as the fodder.

Which is why I kind of love this project - it records all the hilarity that is our daughter, and inspires me to get sketching again!
Thus... I shall name it "A.musing.mama!"... get it?
(Don't worry I think I'm funny... even if no one else laughs).
*Speaking of funny.. stay tuned for Monday Mamalogues where I share just a few 'extras' of the crazy things our girl says... she just keeps cracking us up!*

Have a fun-filled weekend friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. Very cute and funny, Mel! I really like your comics. I'm so glad you are going to continue doing them :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Bahahaha, oh my word. Hilarious!!! Mind if I share this over on my blog??

  3. This is wonderful! I'm so glad you're doing this. And gosh you're much more proactive than I am, I haven't even started a list of my blog 'must dos'

  4. haha... thanks! I'll be in your corner 'nagging' you to get on that already - grab yo' pen yo! xx

  5. lol, glad you likey!! My blog - is your blog.... i.e, go for it sweets, but thanks for asking ;o) xx

  6. thanks! I appreciate the encouragement coming from a stellar artist as yourself! xx

  7. love this idea! And can totally relate to today's btw -lol :)

  8. hehe.. thanks a bunch aura, glad I'm not alone ;o)

  9. One of my students once said (in a very loud voice): "Miss Jenkinson, did you know that a zit is the same as a pimple? And you HAVE ONE! RIGHT ON THE END OF YOUR CHIN!" :P

  10. oh nooo they didn't!... I hope you promptly gave them an F- on the rest of their grades that year... heheh. ;o)

  11. Love it! Can't wait to read this every week!

  12. aww, glad you enjoy it 'Tash! - thanks!! ;o)

  13. so hilarious - and i love the tongue sticking out, i do the same thing! hahah


  14. ... a sign of true genius, really. ;o)

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