couch recovery...

 ...so we're in that shabby-chic stage of home decor around this nest.
You know, when you can only afford shabby (second-hand, or *free*) furniture... and you attempt to make it look chicYah, that.

We've been given a few different couches during our marriage.
Most were passed down from grandparents/parents...  so they are abundantly 'floral' in nature, and rather saggy centred.  You can guess how delighted I was to find two couch covers at a yard sale for $5!
At the time it was even a lucky strike that they matched our current wall colour - khaki olive taupe tone.
But then, recently this hit me:

I bet you can't even see me, it's like couch camouflage.
To say I started hyperventilating may be a stretch... but I was totally weirded out that our living room seemed so monotonous.
Now, maybe I'm just craving the palette of Spring flowers, or something... but either way, I was instantly consumed with quilting a punch of colour into this space.

 I quickly set to work.
Chopping through various upholstery/vintage fabrics from that freshly organised sewing nook.
I made 4 rows of 6 squares if you're curious.
The fabric was cut to 8'x10' size roughly.
And, as with any sewing project - the cats were all over it.. geeeez.

 Along the way, daughter Azriel showed her delight saying:
"this is sooo beautiful mama, I need to do somersaults on it"!

Of course, the cats love it too.
As do I.  So I sewed up two!  Now both couches can feel bright and cheery.
(Especially since our ol' couch covers were starting to show every *stain* of child-rearing...ugh).

I still need to do some final stitching/embroidery to finish these off, but wanted to show you the funky project.  I've only ever made a tiny baby quilt before, so I never realised how fast it is to zip off rows of squares like this... fun, fun!

Have you made a quilt before?

Now to recover those throw pillows, hehe.

In colourful stitches,
Mel ;o)


  1. Nicola Rothmann25 April 2013 at 06:40

    Its just too pretty

  2. ..you're talking about your face right? Ohhhh, the quilt, thanks love!! ;o)

  3. Yes- love this. I've been wanting to do a duvet cover for Emma, but I have a bunch of other sewing projects I have to do first. So fun to mix and match fabric.

  4. thanks dude! xx

  5. wait... you mean you could SEE me?? lol... it's a bit silly here when I realize I match the couch/walls! Quilts are wonderful! xx

  6. Thanks! Hope you get to sew again once the dust settles! xx

  7. Gypsy in Jasper25 April 2013 at 22:51

    What a gorgeous solution to the monotony. I love these. You did a beautiful job!

    P.S. Sorry for being MIA. Life, I tell you! It's keeping me away from my beloved blog world.

  8. Hey thanks! No worries dude, I know you're here in heart - and just far too busy over there! ;o) xx

  9. This is an awesome DIY project idea! I know many of us who can relate to the tired furniture issue. Bravo to you for beings so quick to create a CREATIVE solution!

  10. Aww, that's sweet of you, thanks so much Rhapsody! ;o) xx


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