A.musing.mama! 1.3

Marriage is hard work, they say.
And, raising children can be..well, exhausting.
So.. having the needed energy to work at marriage - with kids in the mix - now, that's a pickle.

While the best way to love your kids, is to love your spouse, they also say.
Well, loving my spouse doesn't feel like work.
I'm quite lucky to have a guy that's easy to love.
 And, while these kids can be draining, they also overflow my cup with affection.

So yes, this whole raising a family deal is a wild ride.
My Ben and I still look at each other with longing eyes...
...over the cacophony of children's chatter and cuddling and crying in between us.

And sometimes, sometimes the best thing said between lovers, is nothing at all.

Mel ;o) 

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  1. Very cute and so true! You do such a great job with these, Mel. You're a natural! I'm so happy to see that you're committing to do this each week.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hey thanks so much (altho the commitment is actually only based on IF I feel inspired each week to draw something from 'real life' here... but it is fun accountability to keep sketching!). Weekend is lovely here - hope yours is too mama. xx

  3. love love love!!!!!!!!! so perfectly true.
    ah. the quiet after kiddies are asleep:)!!

    what a fun post!

  4. hehe... THANKS sweets! ;o)


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