confessions [of a Mel]. part.12.

 I remember singing this song as a child:
"make new friends,
but keep the old,
one's like silver,
and the other's like gold".

So, I never liked that song.
But lately, I've been thinking a lot about friendships.

We throw the title 'friend' around a lot it seems.
Facebook tells me I have 367 friends... really?!
 Social media has a way of promoting the illusion of connectedness, all the while distancing us from really knowing each other.
But I'm not bashing it.
I have truly met wonderful people through blogging/social media... (I just hope they aren't middle aged creepy men in real life!).

But I digress.
Friendship is a true blessing.
Lately, I've been reflecting on that.
I've always enjoyed having a few close friends over a crowd of shallow ones.
I've always loved meeting new people, befriending strangers.

I never liked cliques.
Just bounced merrily from group to group.
I'm always drawn to the outcast, or the loner, or the introvert.
In the past it was because I thought they needed 'rescuing'(a rather self-serving approach)... but now, I think it's just nice for everyone to know they're loved by someone.

Sometimes friendship frees us.
Allows us to feel safe to be ourselves, no pretense, no pretending.
Sometimes it betrays us.
We get hurt, forgotten, ignored or rejected.

I've loved, and lost.
 But I've also learned.
No relationship that comes into our lives is ever a waste.
Each person is there - in that moment - to teach us something.
How to listen, or live, or laugh, or learn.

Now, as a mama, I'm reflecting afresh on the value of friendship.
There's my group of mama-friends that share this crazy stage we're all in... (because it's nice to know we're not alone in our insanity).
There's my single friends that provide a great 'escape' from talking about potties and tantrums.
There's my creative friends who inspire me to keep being crafty.
I like a good mix.
I like good friends.
I hope I am being a good friend in return.

 It's hard to be objective about ourselves... but I think my friends know that I'm loyal as a golden retriever.  Patient as a turtle.  Silly as an otter.
You can ignore me for months, I'll gladly re-start where we left off.
You can tease me (good-naturedly) and I'll love you for it.
I hate gossip.  So you can trust your secrets with me.
I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always.
(Just don't be a jerk).
That's my friendship style I guess... what's yours?

Thanks for being here.. FRIEND!
mel :o)

P.S.."If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own.." wonderful VIDEO to watch!


  1. You are a wonderful friend xxx

  2. Gypsy in Jasper11 April 2013 at 11:28

    I think your friendship style is totally admirable. Not everyone has so much patience and integrity.

    I'm very thankful to have met you and to have you as my friend. I can honestly say, I think of you as more than just a number on my Facebook or a commenter on my blog. You are an amazing woman who even from across the country can brighten my day and speak to my heart.


  3. aww, you're sweet, bet you noticed how our conversation yesterday inspired some of my ramblings here.... it's been on my heart for a while now! xx

  4. Oh phew, so you don't think I'M a middle aged creepy man...?! Sweet! I'm delighted to have found a gem like you in the 'blog rubble' of the interwebs as well my friend! Thanks for your kind words, and kinder heart. xx

  5. this is so true...after moving i found that the people who i had as friends just didnt cut the mustard after I moved. so off i go at my age trying to find close frienships that will stand the test of time
    i do enjoy reading ur blog thoroughly.

  6. aww, I'm touched to hear you say that - it's lovely to have you here! Wings + nests go well together I'd say ;o)... moving definitely tests what relationship are worth keeping/finding afresh.
    Hope you find your soul mates out there!

  7. p.s.. could you drop a link to your blog? I'd love to check your site out... but not sure which online version you are. thanks!

  8. Yes, I did! I feel a friendship post of my own coming on, it would be timely.

  9. bahahah.... that's why you *never* post pics of yourself on your blog!! I should've known. Aw well, you're still fun in my books don/trisha ;o) lol


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