word to the why's:

I'm in the 'why-zone' of motherhood here lately.
Every five seconds my daughter is asking where all the things came from (like her porridge) and 'WHY??'.

So yah, that gets a little..fun.
But, since I'm a sucker for punishment.. I thought I'd carry that theme to the blog today, and answer a whole pile of why's about this space:

* Why the name Needle and Nest Design?
Originally I was looking for a title to use on business cards for my bird mobiles... I wanted something that would convey sewing + birds...so, Needle + Nest... 
I also love that it can represent the creative side of me (needle) and the home.maker side (nest).  Sneaky, right?

 * Why did you start blogging?
At first I wanted an online portfolio for my paintings, jewellery, sewing... all the stuff!
(If you look to the right.. you can click on all these Creative Works ------->).
Then I got a bit hooked on writing daily posts about all the facets of life here, turns out I just can't shut up.
Now, I really do love to write posts that *hopefully* inspire others to:
a) be creative.
b) be authentic.
c) appreciate life's blessings...(even if you have to rant first). 
d) all of the above.

* Yah, but why can't you shut up?  
After over two... TWO?! years of blogging now... I have written 635 posts!!
I don't know if that deserves a high five or a face palm...
I like to think of myself as .. manic.obsessed.crazy consistent.  Yah, that's it.
This blog has inspired me to stay creative too, so it's like the accountability of a journal.
It's also become a venue through which I've developed some stellar connections with you readers/other bloggers... so, I kind of love that!

* Why have all the different 'series' on your blog?
 Variety is the spice of life... (and my brain is a bit scattered).
+ I write the Monday Mamalogues to keep me mindful/amused about this wild role I'm in... and I'd love it to bring a community of mamas together to share our insights/insanities!
+ I share D.I.Y's to inspire others to get creative in simple, speedy craft-it-during-kids-naps projects.
+ I write confessions to show that I'm still a mess.in.progress, and striving to be authentic.
+ I post Here+There snapshots of our week to develop a photographic eye, and an appreciative one that sees the beauty in often overlooked simple moments.

There's always more where that all came from too... so thanks for enduring me.

 * Why don't you have advertisements/sponsors?
I've waffled on this idea a few times.  As for now I'm still against it personally.
I fear that the 'pressure' to suddenly post things that win an audience/please my sponsors would suck the passion out of blogging faster than it takes to burp 'sell-out'.
I also am very passionate/possessive about this space... and would not want it cluttered with the 'giveaways/sponsor commercials' that seem to jam the airways.
(This is not a judgement on those who blog and DO have these.. if you can write and make a profit, kudos to you!).  It's just not 'me' at this point.

Ok, are you all bored to tears yet?

I'll wrap this up... unless you have some more WHY'S that you want answered?
Feel free to post them below in the comments, and I'll reply to every one.
Hope that helped all you faithful readers - and new ones too - to better see why this lil' space is here.  Thanks for being perched at our Nest, friends.
You make it lovelier.

Happy weekend'ing,
Mel ;o)



  1. why do you live so far away and why can't you come over so you can bake and i can eat the goodies? why???? have a lovely weekend friend. xo

  2. hahahha.... those are VERY good questions my friend, some mysteries just can't be solved I guess. Tho I do wish we could share a bottle of wine, some baked goodies.. and a painting session together with the gals playing nearby!! ;o)

  3. Do you know about Anne Murray's children's song...Why, oh why, oh why? We went to visit the Anne Murray Centre in Springville, Nova Scotia on our 'Canada, Coast to Coast' tour for Owl Magazine when Alek was five and Astrid was four months old. Visiting the Anne Murray Centre was a highlight of the trip! They have her pantsuits and all kinds of funky stuff. The staff gave us a wonderful kit of all things 'Anne' including a tape cassette of her children's album that had this adorable 'Why' song on it and we listened to it from the east coast to the west. Alek loved it! And so did we. It's a great album. How wonderful is it that you have such a delightfully inquisitive and adorable daughter who drives you crazy sometimes!
    Yours in mothering
    (It's hard to imagine that my babies are 21 and 17).


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